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Crazy Chocolate Fudge Cake Madness

Crazy Chocolate Fudge Cake Madness

Crazy Chocolate Fudge Cake Madness
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A chocoholics� dream cake, our Best of Chocolate Fudge Cake is a truly indulgent chocolaty treat. The richest, moistest, and stickiest chocolate cake is fabulously filled and creatively covered with a deliciously thick layer of our heavenly chocolate fudge sauce and topped with a variety of our favourite, mouth-watering chocolate morsels: there are flaky, cookie, chunky Swiss and crunchy, chocolaty pieces piled in a mini mountain, as high as we can go! Serves 12, Size 8inch, Weight 1.600kg

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  • AED 220.00
  • 1.600 Kg Chocolate Fudge Cake

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