5 Different Ways to Enjoy Dates

Dates- the sweet, sticky and delicious dry fruit loaded with several vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are high in taste and have a number of health benefits that keep them at the top of the health freaks list. Rich in carbs, dates are known to be the best source of instant energy. Mostly grown in the Middle Eastern and North African countries, these nourishing treats are consumed by Muslims around the world to break their day-long Ramadan fast. No matter how much you love to relish a dessert, fruit or cuisine, you are bound to get bored of them, if have to consume daily.

So we are bringing you some quick and easy ways to get a little creative with dates and satisfy your taste buds with them any time of the day.

Make a Fruitcake

Everyone loves cake and there is a negligible chance that you can ever say no to them. How about you turn this calorie-rich food into a healthy treat by adding dates to them? You can use fresh and sweet dates as an ingredient in a fruitcake along with other fruits and voila the perfect treat for the whole day munching is ready for you.

Use Them in a Smoothie

Smoothies are the go-to source for a healthy breakfast that gets you going all day long. Easy to make and delicious in taste, people like to prepare these nutritious drinks using their favorite fruits and dry fruits. Combine dates with banana and whole milk in a blender to prepare a thick, creamy smoothie for your instant source of morning energy.

Stuff Them

Dates can be stuffed with a number of food items to prepare a tummy-filling snack. Prepare the cream cheese mixture with honey and walnuts, stuff it in dates, and get ready to relish a mouth-watering treat. You can also try stuffing them with crunchy peanut butter for a sweet and savory delight. Get a little more creative and try stuffing dates with the food items of your choice to serve your guests at a party.

Wrap Them Around

Dates taste best particularly when wrapped in bacon, tuna or prosciutto. Secure them with a toothpick and serve with drinks at a house party. The irresistibly delicious combo of salty bacon with sweet dates and cream cheese will disappear from the buffet table before you even notice. All the guests will go crazy about them!!

With Ice Cream or Yogurt

Sugar-sweet dates over the ice-cream or flavored yogurt- What do you say? Take some dates, cut them into small pieces and sprinkle on top of the ice-cream or your favorite yogurt. Let us warn that you are in for some heavenly sugary delight. Your kids will definitely go gaga over these sweet treats.

Who would have thought that including dates in your cuisines, desserts, and shakes can help you prepare something really delightful and healthy? No matter which of the above-mentioned ideas you try at home, you will end up treating your taste buds with a new divine experience.


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