5 Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas to Shop for Your Sisters During Raksha Bandhan

7th August 2017 is the date of Raksha Bandhan and before this date you have to get your shopping done to impress your sisters. Raksha Bandhan is a day dedicated to all brothers and sisters because of their unique bond of love. Here are some unique online rakhi gifts ideas that would make every sister beam with extreme joy and happiness. You can hunt for these gifts and have a wonderful season of Rakhi with your darling sister.

Soft Toys: Soft toys are specifically meant for young or small girls. But if the 25 year old sister still wants a soft toy as a gift from you, don’t you dare laugh at her. Girls of any age can have a special liking for soft toys. You can get them in any color and shape and they are such adorable things to possess. They never let you feel alone. Bear is the most famous shape of soft toys but you also get dolphin, turtle, doll, puppy, kitten, etc. shape nowadays. Made up of soft cotton, wool, and sponge, these soft toys are also used to decorate the room. So, you can go ahead with this idea of gift without any second thought.

Handbags: You may find a girl’s whole world inside a handbag and before hunting for the best handbag for her you must know the types of handbags. Satchel, clutch, tote, backpack, cross body, shoulder basket, barrel, hobo, messenger, quilted, shopper, saddle, etc. are just to name a few. Depending on her age and occupation, you have pick up a bag for her. For example, the corporate sister would require a baguette or a messenger bag while a teenage college goer would love a sling tote bag. So, keep these differences very clear in your head before buying one. In case you are too confused, pick up a designer clutch bag which can be used during festive occasions with traditional clothes.


Accessories: Accessory is a large term actually and for your sister you can shop for key chain, sunglass, and watch, make up kit, broach, scarf, etc. If you are going for a key chain, you can have a really cute Hello Kitty or any Barbie Doll special key chain or you may get that personalized also. A make-up kit would also be a perfect gift for her because she loves to dazzle. If you are going to buy a watch, make sure get a trendy and branded one. Scarf is another great option of gift in this category. Offer her some cashmere scarfs for a change this Raksha Bandhan.

Jewelry: Jewelry is undoubtedly a woman’s best friend for life. Every woman feel some kind of a special connection with these jewelries. Some are more confident with earring while some have a fetish for rings. Some have huge collection of necklace while some are in love with anklets. You have to know the exact area of interest of your sister and then buy the most stylish jewelry piece for her. Gold, silver, platinum, ruby, diamond, etc. are the materials you know normally but you can also go for junk jewelry or artificial or the terracotta ones.Apparels: This is another very satisfying gift for the girls and they are never ever tired of stuffing their wardrobe with more and more clothes. If she loves designer labels, get a Gucci or D&G or Prada or Ralph Lauren creation for her if money is not an issue. If she is more into junk and unconventional choice of dresses, go for those tattered jeans and funky t-shirts. If she loves the traditional clothes more, get a collection of designer dupattas for her.

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