6 Night-Time Fun Activities You Can Try during Ramadan in Dubai

It is strongly believed that the month of Ramadan is entirely devoted to fast, feast, prayer and charity that keeps people away from the misconducts and take them towards the path of spirituality and enlightenment. Yes, that’s quite the real picture of daytime during Ramadan in Dubai that invokes the feeling of peace and contemplation among people, but once the sun sets, the city gets into the festive mood. Iftaar feasting, late-night shopping, cultural events, and fun activities for kids fill excitement in the lives of people and keep them entertained.

Here is a list of night-time fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family during Ramadan in Dubai.

Appreciate Art at Alserkal Avenue

If you are an art-lover and leave no opportunity to explore the art galleries and hubs everywhere you go, then Alserkal Avenue is a must-visit place in Dubai during Ramadan. They host several cultural events during the month of Ramadan, such as board games every weekend, rubab music on Mondays and Tuesdays, and gallery tours on Wednesday evenings. Different venues in the Alserkal Avenue also arrange workshops, film screenings, and design-led iftars for spectators.

Go On a Shopping Spree at Ramadan Night Market

We all love to shop and when it’s the time of festival our enthusiasm doubles up. The Dubai World Trade Centre hosts a ten-day Ramadan Night Market every year offering great deals on fashion wear, electronic items, homewares, souvenirs, and handicraft items. They also arrange food courts to satiate your taste buds amidst the shopping spree and fun play areas to keep your little ones happy and excited.


Explore the Best Malls of City

Dubai has the best shopping malls in the world. Ibn Battuta Mall, The Dubai Mall, and Mall of the Emirates are just to name a few. During Ramadan, these malls remain open till late night and host a number of activities, such as storytelling events, sales, children’s workshops, art exhibitions, and more. There are a lot of fun activities for kids as well in these malls, like Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, and Dubai Ice Rink where they can enjoy a fun playtime with their little friends.


Enjoy Iftaar Feasting

When in Dubai and that too during Ramadan, you can’t miss the Iftaar feastings in the most popular restaurants of the city. They arrange for three-course meals and buffets featuring the delicious traditional cuisines and desserts. Give a try to Shisha after indulging in the heavenly meal with traditional Oud music being played in the background, your evening will be made.

Go For the Ramadan Night Run

Want to burn all the extra calories you consumed feasting on the yummy delicacies during Ramadan? Go for the one-day community fun run along with your friends and family. It is held at Dubai Autodrome location where three, five, and ten-kilometer routes are set. All the participants receive crafted medals and get to enter in a raffle draw.

Hop on to Ramadan Night Bus Tour

To explore the real beauty of Dubai, hop on the tour bus for city sightseeing at night during Ramadan. These hop-on, hop-off bus tours start from many locations in the city and take you through many popular places. The bus takes riders through Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, XVA Art Gallery, the Coffee museum to taste the Arabian coffee, and the tour ends at the abra station near the old souk. The guide in the bus keeps telling people about the different important places and the importance of Ramadan.

Enjoy your Ramadan experience in Dubai with your friends and family while exploring its rich culture and delicious cuisines!!


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