6 Spots to Settle Air-Purifying Plants at Home

6 Spots to Settle Air-Purifying Plants at Home

The air around us greatly affects our health. And with an adverse effect on the environment, the quality of air is deteriorating day by day. To pull through this situation and inhale the fresh air, we often end up buying devices like an air purifier. But, there are other ways to purify the air around us, especially in our house. Natural ways like keeping air-purifying plants help in removing toxins from the air. But, this is only possible if you place the plants strategically around your home. In this blog, we will tell you about six spots to put air purifying plants in your home. 

Snake Plant to fit in the Balcony

Snake Plant is known as one of the most stylish plants with shady leaves that are perfectly angular. Though it is fond of sunshine, avoid keeping it in the extreme heat. A shady corner in your balcony is where this air-purifying plant would fit seamlessly. 

Brighten up your Living Room with Peace Lily

The peace lily is said to remove benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the atmosphere. It easily adjusts to the changing atmosphere but needs attention in terms of daily care. Putting it in your living room will help you keep a watch on the plant and clean the air too. 

Decorate your Kitchen with Spider Plant

Resembling the pesky spider legs, the Spider plant is one of the most easy-to-maintain plants that can survive harsh conditions. It won’t complain about those extra sprinkles and can be kept near the sink for a fresh-air makeover to your kitchen. 

Bathroom Boston Ferns Adjustment

Boston Ferns is another great air-purifying plant that prefers remaining in shady and damp places. The low-light conditions of the bathroom and splashes of water are the usual must-haves for this plant. It will spread out fresh air in your bathroom, just like the misty mountains. 

Prep up your Dining Table with Bamboo

Good vibes happen over a good family time. So, while you dine with your people at the dining table, you can enjoy having bamboo around. It can easily survive in water and will make your mealtime even more healthy with fresh air. Besides, it is also a lucky plant to keep in your home. 

Spruce up your Lobby or Vertical Gardens with English Ivy

English Ivy can grow up into a beautiful creeper in your vertical garden or lobby decor if given favourable conditions. English Ivy enjoys indirect sunlight. And thus, it makes up for an excellent vertical garden plant that can be placed anywhere. 

So, this was all about the best spots to place air-purifying plants in your home. So, ace up your green decor with these air-purifying plants and give a gift of health to yourself and your family.

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