7 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas Your Brother Actually Wants

Birthdays come once a year and give us reasons to celebrate with people who mean the world to us. When it is your dear brother’s birthday, you want to make it special for him with unique and trendy gifts. We understand finding the perfect birthday gift for your brother that he actually needs is not a cakewalk. Therefore, suggesting here some amazing & useful birthday gift ideas for brother to help you pick the right one that he would actually like.

Stylish Backpack

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Whether your brother is an office goer or a college student, a stylish backpack is an incredible birthday gift option. It will allow him to carry his essentials like laptop, files, notepad, charger, stationery, and earphones in a stylish and convenient manner.

Elegant Watch

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A famous quote by Miles Davis says, “Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” Give your brother the gift of time on his birthday with an elegant watch. A classic wristwatch will be quite useful to your brother and look cool on his wrist.


Cash is an amazing gift idea for your younger brother who is studying in school or college and is always broke by the end of the month. Receiving cash as a birthday present is something that he would truly appreciate and cannot thank you enough.

Grooming Hamper

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It is not only girls who like to pamper themselves with exclusive beauty products. Even guys love being clean and like to groom themselves. A grooming hamper that contains shave gel, bathing accessories, deodorant, spa items, beard oil, shaving gel, etc. will make an excellent birthday gift for brother and allow him to look his best on special occasions.

Coffee Subscription Box

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If coffee is the first thing that your brother needs in the morning or when he is tensed or when he is super happy, then it is clear that he is a coffee addict and his love for the beverage is above everything else. Why don’t you surprise him with a coffee subscription box on his birthday? It will allow him to taste coffee from different countries around the world. Something that he could use to stay active all day long.

Portable Camping Hammock

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If your brother is an adventurer who loves to travel to new places and camp in the wilderness, then a portable camping hammock would make an excellent birthday surprise for him. Made up of ultra-light parachute material, it is soft, breathable and fast-drying that your brother can easily carry on his trips. Quite easy to assemble without using any tools, it is perfect for camping, hiking or just relaxing amidst the green mountains.

Kindle eReader

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If your brother is a voracious reader who spends most of his salary on buying new books, then it is time to gift him an entire library on his birthday. The Kindle eReader has thousands of free eBooks and millions available online. And the best part is- your brother can carry the compact kindle eReader everywhere he goes and read more than one book at a time.

We hope these awesome birthday gift ideas help you choose a unique & a useful gift for your brother that brightens up his special day and make it even more memorable.

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