An Introduction to Mogra (Arabian Jasmine) Plant

Though there are many flowering plants that boast of spectacular floral beauty, to relish the status of being unique, a plant must have that ‘extra’ something. It should be graceful, carry a pleasant smell, have striking features and most importantly, last a long time. More so, the flower should positively affect us, beautify our space and make us feel out of this world. In short, a flower should stand at least somewhere near these milestones. The good news is there is a flower that qualifies for all these features. This writing piece sheds light on everything about the Mogra; the Arabian Jasmine flower. Keep reading to know more!

Mogra: A Multicultural Wonder

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Also known as ‘Raat ki Rani’ or the ‘Queen of the night’, the Arabian Jasmine (Mogra) is also a commonly found indoor plant that has been grown, admired and prized by humans for aeons now. As it adorns itself with elegant white flowers with a strong, sweet fragrance oozing out, it is among the most beautiful, romantic and fragrant flowering outdoor plants.

Despite the name Arabian Jasmine, originally the plant is not Arabic. In fact, it is native to the regions of Asia, Europe and Oceania. If you are wondering about the meaning behind its name, the term ‘Jasmine’ comes from the Persian word ‘Yasmin’ which translates to ‘Gift from God’. Its benefits and wonderful fragrance make it worthy of the title!

Well, there is more to the surface than what meets the eye when it comes to the Mogra plant. In the next section, we talk about some of its facts and significance in different cultures.

Significance of the Mogra Flower

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Other than being a garden ornament, Mogra flowers are used in a number of ways possible and also hold high significance in various cultures around the globe. Keep scrolling to know some of the ways that make this plant so great:

  1. The most distinctive quality that lets anyone identify Jasmine from even a faraway land is its fragrance. Thanks to its strong, sweet aroma, people use it to prepare perfumes, candles, lotions, soaps and incense sticks worldwide.
  2. Arabian Jasmine’s highly sought-after scent has found its way to aromatherapy too. Since it has such a highly sought-after scent, jasmine essential oil is one of the most expensive yet sought-after commodities in fragrance-based industries.
  3. This tree shares a lot of religious importance in India. The legends has it that it is the favourite flower of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. The garland of Mogra is offered to Gods and also worn as an ornament by women.
  4. The Mogra flower is the national flower of the Philippines. It is called Sampaguita there and garlands of this flower are used to bestow honour. This white flower is known to represent purity, hope and fidelity.
  5. Mogra flower is one of the most commonly grown ornamental flowers in India and its neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. At Indian weddings, the brides don mogra flowers garlands. In their bun or braids.

Benefits of the Mogra Flower

Arabian Jasmine

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This flower is a beauty with benefits. Incorporating them into your daily routine can prove to be highly advantageous in several ways. Take a look at some below:

Antibacterial Property: Due to its antibacterial qualities, mogra works as a disinfectant as well. The presence of benzyl benzoate and benzoic acid prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Treats Scars & Marks: According to the studies, the mogra flowers moisturise the skin, can help you get rid of imperfections and in turn, give you an even complexion.

Helps Relieve Tension: Given their sweet and breathtaking smell, the Mogra blossoms can uplift your mood and relieve tension.

Helps Boost Digestion: Last but not the least, Mogra improves the effectiveness of digestive enzymes by regulating your internal system.

Now, that you know the Arabian Jasmine comes with a host of features, go and plant this sweet-smelling flower at your place. It is beginner-friendly, the best houseplant that will purify your air & freshen your home and plus comes with numerous benefits attached to it. Though you can buy one easily at a local nursery, if not, you can order this plant in the UAE from an online plant shop.

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