Are Vegan Cakes & Desserts Healthy?

Benefits of Vegan Cakes

Planning to turn vegan? Perhaps, it’s a good thought. Every year, the number of people turning vegan is gradually increasing, and so are the variety and options of vegan desserts and cakes. Vegan cake is like any other cake, just with an indulgence to enjoy with little moderations (instead of compromises). 

Switching to a vegan diet, especially vegan sweets, cakes and desserts is a great way for incorporating a clean lifestyle, escaping the animal-based products. But, are they healthy? Let’s know more about this. 

Even if you’re vegan, fulfilling the need to savour a pleasurable dessert and satisfying your emotional quotient is important. The lack of satisfying desserts can lead you to indulge in unhealthy food choices later. Vegan cakes replace ingredients containing dairy, like butter that contains a fair amount of saturated fats. At the same time, the use of cocoa butter often contains less saturated fats, depending on the usage. Vegan cakes are less calorific than other cakes made with dairy products. But, when it comes to sugar, a fair amount is used in both types of cakes. Compared with normal dairy based cakes and desserts, the vegan sweet diet provides a balanced approach to food, making it healthier. 

If you are switching to a dairy-free diet, we are sure that you will be surprised at how delicious and healthy they can be. They offer various health benefits that are even more satisfying and alternatives smoothly blend with the texture of the dish. Read below to know more.

  • Animal fat is considered unhealthy and is often linked to chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, etc. But, some of our most favourite and irresistible desserts and sweet bites consist of dairy products. Switching to a vegan version of cakes and desserts will help you avoid animal-sourced fat consisting of cholesterol-raising components. Turning to plant-based fats like olive oil can be a good alternative. 
  • Vegan desserts, especially cakes are baked using healthy ingredients, that are carefully picked to offer a rich taste. Healthy alternatives are used to keep up with the flavour and texture of the food.
  • Going vegan is all about smart swapping of food products. Sugar and sweeteners can be replaced by coconut sugar harvested from the nutritious coconut blossom. Creams, milk and other dairy ingredients might be replaced with coconut cream. These alternatives are low in cholesterol and easy to digest. Another alternative is protein-rich macadamia butter, which is high in fibre and gluten-free.
  • Vegan baking is pretty simple! It’s no rocket science, just like any other baking session, vegan baking is easy and can be done using minimal ingredients while escaping the dairy ones. Baking vegan cookies and cakes are a perfect example of healthy baking.
  • Another great benefit is that besides being healthy, vegan cakes and desserts can help you shed some kilos (depending on the consumption too). You’ll automatically bid bye to processed sweets, chemical-based edibles and junk sweets. Adopting simple changes will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are planning to embrace desserts and cake with a relatively healthier approach, a vegan cake can be a good pick for you. But remember, just because a certain type of dessert is healthy, you cannot overdo it. 

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