Cartoon Cake Ideas for Your Kids Birthday

Choosing the kids’ birthday cake can be so much fun with umpteen options out there. Because there is nothing that you don’t know about their preferences. All you have to do is combine together their favorite flavor and color with your creativity. And voila the perfect cake for your kids’ birthday is almost ready. Imagine the immense joy in their eyes when they will see their favorite cartoon characters over their birthday cake. Yes, they will be thrilled with excitement and it will probably become their best birthday celebration ever.

So here we are listing some interesting and fun cartoon cake ideas for your kid’s birthday that will definitely make the celebration magical and memorable.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cake

The first and best of all- Mickey and Minnie are every kid’s favorite cartoon character. No matter how many new enters the club, these two are here to stay and how!! Surprise your son with a cute and yummy Minnie and Micky mouse cake on his birthday and get ready to witness the sweetest smile ever. It will add great fun and frolic to the celebration, which your boy would love to share with his friends.

Disney Ariel Princess Cake

Why? Because princesses just look way too beautiful sitting over the birthday cake of your daughter. If your little girl stays lost in her little fairy world where she imagines herself no less than a pretty princess, then a Disney Ariel princess cake would be apt for her birthday. She would be more than pleased to cut a heavenly cake with her favorite princess character over it.

Superheroes Cake

Yes, we all know how obsessed kids can be with superheroes at a young age, especially boys. They all imagine having amazing superpowers like them, which they can use for some superheroic deeds to save this planet. Imagine the height of excitement that your little bundle of joy would show seeing all his favorite superheroes lined up on his birthday cake. That would be some delight for his eyes!! So if your son keeps watching superheroes on Television all day long, then bring him a yummy and fantastic looking superhero cake for his birthday.

Minion Cake

We all love adorably cute minions, irrespective of our age. And they are just favorite of kids. If your son or daughter is a big minion fan too, then it is the perfect cake to wish them a very happy birthday. You can get the cake in their favorite flavor, such as chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, which they will have a great time sharing with their friends.

Hello Kitty Cake

The little kitty is the most adorable one in the entire family of cartoon characters. If your daughter is truly, madly mesmerized with her cuteness and innocence, then she will certainly enjoy every bite of the Hello Kitty cake. Prepared using the beautiful shades of pink and white, it will make the perfect girly birthday cake ever.

Surprise your kids with the delectable cake ideas mentioned above to earn some brownie points and make their birthday celebration a memorable affair.

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