Gift Ideas for a Friend with a Sweet Tooth

I want to have a good body but not as much as I want dessert.
– Unknown

Do you have a friend who loves to eat desserts and has the potential to make everything sweet? Someone who enjoys noodles with tomato ketchup, someone who can turn a regular tea into a sugar syrup, someone who uses sugar as a salad dressing or has their IG feed filled with posts about sweet treats. If you could relate to all these scenarios, this means you have a friend with a sweet tooth. These people are nuts for meetha and are often found near cafes and sweet shops. Basically, they live to eat and eat dessert at any hour of the day.

If you are struggling to find the right gift for a person who looks greedily even at a sugar jar, this blog is for you. We have rounded up the sweetest gift options for people who cannot think beyond ‘kuch meetha ho jaye!’ Keep reading!

BAKE Their Day With Yummy-Flavoured Cakes

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Speaking of sweets – cakes are the champion of sweetness, richness and goodness. They are perfect for every celebration, make everyone happy and not to mention, are highly delicious. They are the go-to indulgence, available in hundreds of flavours – chocolate cake, ice cream cake, fruit cakes, black forest cake, pineapple cake, dry cake and so on. Moreover, you can choose to order or bake it yourself to give a personal touch.

Chocolates for That Chocoholic in Your Life

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When everything goes wrong, go right with chocolates. Though there are plenty of sweet options to satisfy the craving, there’s something heavenly about chocolates. So treating the ‘sweet-toothed’ with a box of assorted chocolates would be a special treat. You can level up your gifting game with a sweet bouquet made of their favourite chocolates.

Exotic Sweets for Them to Dig Right in


Exotic sweets can be a heavenly delight. From traditional to fusion, from super sugary to sugar-free, a wide variety is available these days. Choose one that is just the right choice for the person receiving it.

Pamper Them With a Fruity Delight

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Gifting a fruit basket is a good option when it comes to natural sweetness & a dose of health. So head to your nearby grocer or order online to show that you care.

Chikki for That Die-Hard Fan of Sweets

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Show that you are the best buddy by gifting a box of chikki containing jaggery and a variety of nuts and dry fruits without compromising on your friend’s health.

For Those Who Do-Nut Enjoy Anything Than Doughnuts


Who doesn’t love doughnuts right? Everything is simply irresistible about them – the taste, the fillings and the toppings. Therefore, these round and little pieces of heaven are the best gift options.

A Jar of Candies & Lollipops for a Sugar Rush


Gift them a jar of multi-flavoured lollipops and candies to make them happy. Above all, nobody has been able to resist this surreal treat till date.

Mouth Fresheners for That Ultimate Satisfaction

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A spoonful of refreshing mouth fresheners can satiate the taste buds like anything. They are available in various flavours and are an assortment of betel nut, cardamom, aniseed, sugar candy, betel leaves, peppermint, dry fruits, etc. Your friend will always thank you for such an amazing treat.

We hope the ideas mentioned will give you enough inspiration and help you find a pleasant gift for that certified dessert-arian in your life.

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