How Are You?

It’s time to bid farewell to yet another year……So, all are either excited or nostalgic! Everyone is busy asking each one “So, buddy how was the year? Or what you achieved this year?” I have a simple question to ask, rather a reminder – How are you?

How many of you ask or think this question on the year end? I don’t know. Neither anyone asked me nor have I asked anyone. Actually this is a question to ruminate with the self. Let’s ask our minds and hearts – how are they doing? I know it is a pretty bewildering question but I still want to sit and relax and ask the self how really am I after so many hardships and achievements sailing on the same boat. And believe me, the answer is a hazy one.

We all have so many emotional baggage’s to throw, to keep, and to frame that it becomes quite a task to conclude that “Am I happy”, “Am I sad”, or “Am I just happily sad”. Time will never come back and those heartaches cannot be glued and we all are so accustomed to accept that reality. But why we have to accept the fact that I am happily sad or I have to adjust to the phase of unhappiness? In the flow of time we all lose the real US and mold into something that is not at all US. Actually we all bore the Ship of Theseus within us.

So many war took place, so many hoardings of success were flashed ……. What have we achieved of all these? Some memories were given by some people….some gaps were left never to be conjoined….some people left you… left some people….some desires remained just a figment of imagination….some celebration turned into ashes….some wounds were fixed…..some confusion are still not leaving you….some destination is still not accomplished…… It is the real story of everyone that blinks inside the quilt, under the shower, holding the teddy bear closer….And suddenly you realize with some watery matter flowing down the cheeks that you actually have shed another layer of your skin to adapt a NEW YOU.


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