How to Welcome Eid in the Best Possible Manner?

As the Ramadan month is slowly approaching to an end, the festivities have already begun around the world. The month long fasting, religious service to Allah and the evening Iftar parties are going to be transformed into a mega celebration bash on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is the end of the Ramadan month with the first sighting of the new moon and the festivities are carried out for few days. The festival literally means “post fast festivities” in the Arabic language.

The occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr is known to bring festive mood and spirit among people all over the world. This special occasion is falling on 25th June for the year 2017 and is celebrated with great excitement all over the world. Considering the occasion is just a week away, here are the few ways by which you can celebrate the Eid in an extraordinary manner.

Dress Smartly for the Occasion- It is the old traditional custom to buy new clothes for the special occasion of Eid. Be it children, adults or old people, everyone wears new clothes and dress up smartly to celebrate this wonderful occasion with their loved ones in a fantastic manner.

End your Fast by having a Morning Breakfast- As you have performed the holy fasting for the entire month of Ramadan, it is finally time to break your fast now. People are not permitted to have fast on the special day of Eid and it is recommended to end your fast before the special Eid prayer. You can have a breakfast of your choice on this day but there are certain people who believe in ending their fast by the Prophet Muhammad’s way. According to this practice, people end their holy fast by consuming the odd number of dates.

Take Part in the Eid Prayers- To make the occasion of Eid really memorable, special prayers are held by Imams in the early morning of this auspicious day. These prayers are usually performed in a large central mosque, an open field or a stadium. After the prayers are done, people embrace each other and say “Eid Mubarak” to express their best wishes for the day. The final event of this special prayer ends with a sermon by the Imam or the religious head.

Prepare a Variety of Delicacies for the Occasion- The auspicious occasion of Eid would remain incomplete without the preparation of various delicacies and dishes. The day is also known as “Sweet Holiday” and various sweet dishes are prepared on this day. Different cuisines like traditional vermicelli or seviyans, different types of kebabs, Nihari, Haleem, dates, cookies, halwa, baklava, falooda and other dishes are prepared. People share these mouth-watering foods with their relatives, friends and family to celebrate Eid in an outstanding manner. Make sure to have all the raw materials for these delicacies before the main occasion.

Send or Distribute Gifts to your Loved Ones- The occasion of Eid also focuses on giving gifts, money (Eidi) and other things to children, family members, friends and other loved ones. People exchange gifts with each other by visiting the houses of their relatives and express their congratulations for the day. In case, your loved ones are far away, you can easily send special Eid gifts online through any gifting store and can include them in this mega celebration.

Offer Alms and Charity to the Poor- On the special day of Eid, it is required to perform “Zakat al- Fitr” or the duty to offer charity to poor by all the Muslims. To add a spiritual meaning to this special occasion, every Muslim should offer charity, alms, food, belongings and gifts to the poor and needy people.

Celebrate the Occasion with great Fun and Excitement- Eid is a festival to spread love, happiness, sweetness and brotherhood among people of all faiths. Children dance, buy toys and enjoy various delicacies on this day. Adults do celebrate this day with equal fun and fervour. Women decorate their hands and feet with special Henna or Mehendi designs. They also buy handicraft items and clothes adorned with Zari work to celebrate this day.

So, get immersed in the ultimate fun and festive spirit of this occasion and thank Allah for the wonderful support during the entire holy month of Ramadan. Happy Eid-ul-Fitr to all and enjoy a splendid celebration on this day.

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