Insider’s Guide to Iftar Etiquettes

Insider's Guide to Iftar Etiquettes

The spirit of Ramadan is all around, and everybody is preparing to fast from dawn to sunset. Indulging in a wholesome Iftar meal is an exciting part of the holy month of Ramadan. Iftar is the traditional meal relished by Muslims for breaking the fast after the sunset. It is of utmost importance to all. Being invited over for an Iftar meal is considered a highly respected gesture. If you have been invited to an Iftar party this year, then you should know certain things before attending the event. Here’s an insider’s guide to Iftar etiquettes that will help you prepare in the best manner. 

  • Répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP)

Répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP)

The first and the foremost thing one should do when they get an invitation to Iftar is to respond to it at least 2 days before the D-day. Not responding to an Iftar invitation might come across as rude.  Let your host know that you will be or won’t be able to attend the meal so that the arrangements are made accordingly. It will help the host avoid any last-minute chaos. 

  • Dress Decently

Dress Decently

Ramadan is a holy month of self-reflection and prayer, and people love following a traditional approach of dressing during this time. Wear something that is not revealing or too tight, making your attire modest and decent. 

  • Take Along a Gift

Take Along a Gift

Taking along a gift during Iftar is not a mandate, but getting one will surely make the host feel special and appreciated. Thank your friends for inviting you to such a precious event by taking along flowers, Ramadan sweets, cake or chocolates. Make sure you don’t give anything that is alcoholic or restricted during Ramadan. You can also take along a box of dates to show your gestures.

  • Be Punctual

Be Punctual

Iftar is that time of the day when people break their fast, after the sunset. So, being on time is an important aspect of Iftar. Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the Adhan (Arabic prayer). You can check out the timings for daily Adhan in the UAE online.

  • Don’t Eat or Drink Before Adhan Prayer

Don't Eat or Drink Before Adhan Prayer

While the food is served before the prayer, do not start eating before everyone is settled, and Adhan is heard. Listening to Adhan is an important part of Iftar, and eating or drinking before the prayer is considered disrespectful.

  • Eat As You Please

Eat As You Please

Iftar does not have any set pattern for the consumption of the food served. You are free to eat in whatever way you wish to. Most Muslims break their fast by having a date and a glass of water first, while others might start by savouring Iftar sweets. You can enjoy your meal as you please.

  • Avoid the Consumption of Tobacco in Any Form

Avoid the Consumption of Tobacco in Any Form

Iftar is a sacred practice, and thus, respecting the sentiments of the people around is important. Do not smoke or consume any elements containing tobacco, right on the table or in front of your Muslim friends. Avoid consuming such things throughout the evening. Otherwise, you can excuse yourself and go to a designated smoking area for such activities. 

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