Make Plant Parenting Easy with These Tips and Tricks

Oh, pristine plants, thy lush greenery soothes us, thee giveth the life-giving oxygen. In thy shade that provides an umbrella against scorching rays of the sun, we get relief!

We all are well aware of the benefits of rich flora. Without trees, the entire ecosystem would be devoid of life. Therefore, it is important we plant more of them and take care of the existing ones. But, we understand that becoming a plant ‘parent’ is not as easy as it sounds. It is of paramount importance to take care of a plant’s needs just like a baby. Thus, we offer you a comprehensive list of tips and tricks that will make your journey of plant parenting a bed of roses.

Start Off with Low-Maintenance Plants

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When it comes to plants, people make the honest mistake of thinking that all plants (both indoor and outdoor) are easy to take care of. But it is not so! Every plant is different and so are its requirements. Therefore, it only makes sense to get started with low-maintenance plants first. Root for the plants like ZZ plant, Money plant, Peace Lily or Heartleaf philodendron that are easygoing and forgiving in nature. Here’re some best low maintenance indoor plants that are perfect for beginners.

Know the Right Lighting Conditions

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Different plants require different degrees of exposure to the sun. Some are sun-loving while some get worn out in no time when out in sun. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you choose an indoor or outdoor plant according to the place you live in. For instance, if you reside in an area that receives bright, direct sunlight, the world is your oyster with plants like succulents, cacti or rosemary. On the other hand, there are Lucky Bamboo, Christmas Cactus and Bird’s Nest Fern that can survive even the darkest of corners.

Water them Right

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The rule of a green thumb here is to check if an inch or two of soil is dry. This indicates it’s time to water your plant babies. Also, if you find the leaves shrivelled, dry or discoloured, this means your plant might be in need of extra water than a regular routine. More so, it’s better to underwater the plants than overwater them.

Feed Them With Homemade Compost

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Composting is not only great for your garden, but also for the environment. A homemade compost, made from coffee grounds and fruit & vegetable peels can do wonders for your plants. You may add peels directly into the container/pot and mix them with the soil.

Don’t Pull your Plants When Repotting

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Another often forgetting plant parenting trick is to never ever pull out a plant. You will end up ruining the stems, leaves, flowers and even roots. Take it out whole, along with the soil, gently.

Dust them from Time to Time

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When the surface of a plant accumulates too much dust, it only acts as a barrier against sunlight (which is very important for plants to survive). Therefore, wipe down the leaves (both sides) with a wet cloth from time to time.

Check their Roots for Signs of Distress

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Whenever a plant looks distressed, it is a common perception to check the leaves for pests or discolouration but roots are equally important to undergo an inspection once in a while. As the roots grow, repotting in a bigger plant is of utmost importance to save the plant from choking or undergrowth.

Prune Away Dead Leaves

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Since the temperature of the UAE remains usually on the maximum side, your plants in Dubai are certain to receive more than necessary sunlight. Hence, the more chances of yellow, brown or crispy leaves. In such a case, it is very important to keep a good watch over your green babies. Get a pair of sharp scissors (cleaned and sterilized) and prune the dead leaves away to make way for the new leaves. You can toss these into the pot as compost.

No matter at what level you are, when it comes to taking care of green babies, these tips will come in handy in accentuating your garden. With that said, upgrade your green thumb and make plant parenting easy with these beginner-friendly tips and tricks.

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