Plants Buying Guide: Answering Your Top Questions

Are you thinking of decorating your space with some greenery? Before you begin your journey, it’s necessary to ask the right questions, especially if you are a new plant parent, to ensure your green baby thrives in its new environment. Here’s a comprehensive guide that addresses your top queries regarding buying plants online or from a local nursery.

1. What kind of light does the plant need?

From low light and medium light to bright indirect light – indoor houseplants vary in their lighting needs. Thus, it is important to put your plant in a place that caters to its specific light preferences to ensure its growth and happiness.

2. What are the watering needs of the plant?

The right amount of water can either make or break your plant’s well-being. Some plants prefer to dry out between waterings, while others enjoy being in consistently moist soil. Thus, it is of utmost importance to understand your plant’s watering preferences to keep it healthy and happy.

3. What is the mature size of the plant?

Know the size before purchasing both non-flowering and flowering plants in UAE. Go for those that will fit & thrive perfectly into your available space and further, complement your home’s aesthetics.

4. What are the care instructions for the plant?

Each potted plants come with a certain set of care instructions. Understand their ideal soil mix, fertilising schedule, temperature tolerance, pruning needs and other significant details. This will help you offer the best care to your green buddies.

5. Is the plant safe around pets/children?

Safety is paramount, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Some houseplants online can be toxic if consumed. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for non-toxic varieties that promise a safe environment while letting you enjoy the beauty of indoor greenery. Some of the popular choices include African violets, Spider plants, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Hoya carnosa.

6. Does the plant have any pest/disease problems?

Being proactive is key to maintaining a healthy plant. Inquire about common pests or diseases such as black knots, mildew and blister rust and learn effective ways to deal with them. Plant parents should know how to address these issues promptly and keep their plants safe and secure.

7. What is the temperature tolerance of the plant?

The temperature tolerance completely depends on the variety. For example, lucky indoor plants thrive in temperatures ranging between 18 °C to 35 °C while spider plants can tolerate a range of 13 °C to 29 °C. Make sure, you buy plants that can thrive in the indoor temperature conditions of your home.

So, whenever you are up to purchase plants online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE, be armed with knowledge with this guide. This will assist you in selecting low-maintenance, non-toxic indoor plants for your home sweet home.

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