Plants & Monsoon: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Plants & monsoon: 3 Things to keep in mind

Everyone loves the lush green look of the plants in monsoons. The rainy season brings with it some beautiful hues of green that are so calming to the sight. But the season also brings along some challenges since there is not enough sunlight available for the plants to bathe in. So, here are a few tips for taking care of your green babies in the monsoon. 

Avoid over-watering

Plants & monsoon: 3 Things to keep in mind

The chances of your plants being over-water are higher in monsoon If they are placed on the balcony or terrace without a covering. Over-watering can cause soil erosion and deteriorate the soil’s health. To avoid that, keep a check on how much water your plants are getting. You can move the pots away from the rain or add a protective covering like a perforated sheet.

Turn the soil

Plants & monsoon: 3 Things to keep in mind

Since plants get ample water during the monsoon, the water may get stagnant. Mixing the topsoil will ensure that the water seeps in properly and does not clog the air passages. You can turn the soil with a basic gardening tool like a plough and gently mix the topsoil to let it soak the water and avoid the formation of algae or moss. 

Make provision for light

Make provision for light 

The exclusivity of sunlight can be a major issue for outdoor plants as they are dependent on sunlight for growth. So, to make sure your plants don’t suffer because it is cloudy outside, try to fulfil the need with artificial lighting. You can use a white fluorescent light (CFL) or LED light for artificial lighting as both contain a full spectrum of wavelengths necessary for plants.

These were some of the essential points that you should keep in mind during the rainy season. Make sure that your plants are safe from heavy rainfall and winds by keeping an eye on them. Monsoons are good for ferns growth and development, just take care of the above pointers and you’ll be good. 

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