Plants that are Suitable to Gift on Weddings

Plants as wedding gifts

Have a wedding to attend? Need a gift that is meaningful, evergreen and will be loved by both parties? Why not surprise them with a unique gift, i.e. a potted plant? Plants will make a fitting gift for both bride and groom as the blossoms symbolise a happy married life that flourishes for years to come. Whether the couple is an enthusiastic gardener or environmentally conscious, plants are something that will make a stand-out and most cherished wedding gift. Spread green happiness like confetti with these plants as wedding gifts.



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Fragrant, graceful and elegant – Lavender makes the perfect and unique plants as wedding gifts. With its silvery-green foliage, purple, pink or white flowers and mesmerising fragrance, the plant will relax their mind and soul like no other; a requisite after the hectic wedding schedule. More so, since this plant blooms all year round, Lavender will make the gift of a lifetime.

Bonsai Plants

bonsai plants

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We all love these miniature tree forms that are adorably gorgeous and last for years. There is a myriad of benefits of keeping a Bonsai plant at home. They spread calmness, positivity and joy like no other plant. And since Bonsai plants are long-lived and bring a sense of positivity, they literally symbolises the eternal nature of marriage. There are different varieties of Bonsai where many say ‘love’. Chinese Elm, Wisteria, Redwood trees and Fig trees are some of the best Bonsai plants as wedding gifts.

Peace Lily

peace lily

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Among the most admired plants, the Peace lily tops the chart! It is a tropical plant that is a symbol of peace, innocence and prosperity and thus, makes a remarkable gift choice for the newly married couple. With its stunning white blooms and dark green foliage, the plant will double as stunning home decor. The peace lily is also known as the gift of longevity. Therefore, it makes an ideal gift to wish the couple a happily ever after!

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

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The next one on our list of plants as wedding gifts is the lucky bamboo. According to a Chinese tradition, the plant is known to usher in marital bliss for the couple. Therefore, when the couple is about to embark upon a new journey, lucky bamboo will be an ideal gift to bless the couple with a life full of good luck and prosperity. Plus, the plant is among the lucky indoor plants and is a thing of beauty that is sure to please the onlookers.

The String of Hearts

The string of hearts

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Though this plant doesn’t have a deep symbolic meaning associated with weddings, it will hit all the right notes. The string of hearts is among the most preferred plants as wedding gifts, primarily because of its striking heart-shaped leaves. Its cascading vines can grow several feet long but don’t take up much room. One can easily put them in hanging pots or on the window ledge. Belonging to the family of succulents, the plant is long-lived and can cope with periods of neglect. This way, it makes an ideal gift for first-time plant parents.

ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) Plant

ZZ Plant

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ZZ is a hardy, drought-tolerant houseplant that can withstand neglect without throwing a fit. Super easy to maintain and care for, they not only purify the air but are also good at eliminating bad chi as per Feng Shui. Since the plant also symbolises growth, good luck and steadiness, it will make a perfect gift for newlyweds who are about to embark upon a new journey.

Give the gift that grows by choosing any of these plants as wedding gifts. We guarantee that they will fall in love with these green babies right away as much as they fall for each other.

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