Popular Farewell Flowers That Mean Goodbye

It is said that flowers have their own language. They can be used to congratulate someone on his/her achievement, to wish good health and even to say goodbye. Saying goodbyes to a loving one is not easy and a parting gift but flowers makes it somewhat easier. You can order flowers in Dubai or the UAE online to convey the deepest emotions and feelings that words fail to express during their farewell or retirement. Let’s be familiar with some such flowers that mean goodbye:

Sun Kissed Sunflowers: Sunflower Bouquets

Bright and cheerful, as the name itself suggests, sunflowers can instantly lift the mood and fill the person with positivity and new hopes. When you bid adieu to someone with a bouquet of fresh and sunny sunflowers, you wish them new beginnings and good luck.


Stir My Heart Floral Expression: Bouquet of Roses

The eternal beauty of a rose bouquet signifies love and can be an excellent choice for saying goodbye to someone special, especially yellow roses. Giving away roses as a parting gift marks new beginnings and serves as a token of remembrance.



Bowl Of Happy Flowers: Lilies in Dubai

Beautiful flowers of lilies represent devotion and sympathy. The flower holds high regard in different cultures and religions. So, it is considered a good choice to express sympathy and let the person depart with the best hope and cheerfulness in mind.



Birthday Cheer For Him

Lovely and charming orchids can be another great option to give as a parting gift. You can choose from a host of colours available to gift to a friend moving to a new place or a sibling going abroad for studies, etc. The flower box seems to express your love and thoughtfulness for the person and say, ‘I’m always there for you.’



Chrysthemum Flowers Arrangement: Chrysanthemum Flowers

White and yellow blooms of Chrysanthemums are another popular farewell gifting choice among people. It is because of the underlying meanings of the flowers-love, commitment, togetherness, good health and life. You can make the parting, especially of a close colleague memorable by gifting a beautiful flower arrangement of Chrysanthemums.



Sweet Blooms: Peony Bouquets

These elegant flowers in amazing hues symbolise good luck, prosperity and respect. Saying goodbye to a colleague or friend becomes more meaningful and joyful with a perfect arrangement of peonies. The receiver is sure to forever cherish the lovely gesture.



Green Hydrengea Bouquet with White Roses

One of the other flowers that mean goodbye is Hydrangea. It symbolises thankfulness, elegance and beauty. The pretty colours of the hydrangea make it a good choice for a funeral flower bouquet.



Wedding Bouquet Arranged With: Yellow Solidago (Goldenrod ...

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This flower is considered a support in hard and trying times, Hence, it is considered a thoughtful gesture for the family of a deceased person. 

So, these were some of the flowers that symbolise farewell and can be used to say goodbye or pay tribute to a loved one. Wish them ‘Farewell and best wishes on your new journey’ by presenting them with any of these!

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