Proven Tips and Tricks to Revive a Wilting Bouquet

Have your blooms begun to droop? As their petals drop one by one, does it feel like your heart shattering into million pieces? We understand that a basket or vase full of gorgeous blooms is truly a sight to behold. Given their bright colours and mesmerising scent – they are among the greatest joys of life that fill our life with positive vibes. So, if you are sad about your flower arrangements getting wilted, chin up! With the given tips and tricks up your sleeve, your bouquet will live to see daylight for a few more days.

Trim the Flower

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The first step is to trim the flower – the loose petals, wilting stems or yellowish/brownish leaves. Trimming away dead or dying foliage will allow the remaining arrangement to take in the essential nutrients they need to maintain their health.

Replenish the Water

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Your flower arrangements will begin to wilt primarily because of the lack of fresh water. Therefore, ensuring the water stays clean and free from bacteria buildup is significant. Change water every 3-4 days or whenever it appears to be cloudy to have your flowers stay fresh longer. Also, as you change the course of water, wipe your vase clean.

Add Bleach to the Water to Kill Bacteria

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Free your water from bacteria buildup by adding bleach to it. A few drops of bleach will ward off those nasty microbes that infect the bottom of the stem and keep your coloured babies safe from possible infections. While you are at it, get rid of the leaves that sit ideally below the water line. As they rot and deteriorate, they foul up the water.

Give Them a Soak in Warm Water

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According to some studies, some flowers soak in warm water more efficiently than cold (such as lilac and bulb flowers). Thus, you can revive your wilted flower arrangements with warm water. Just fill the vase with lukewarm water, plunge in the re-cut stems and leave them until the water has cooled. The lukewarm water opens the stem, clearing blockages for improved water absorption.

Feed the Flower

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Though water is oxygen for flowers, changing the water might not be enough for fading flowers. You can add one teaspoon of sugar (the regular one) or plant food to nourish the stems and boost their reviving power. The tip is proven to get them looking lively again. This point in particular will preserve your flower arrangements and keep them shining bright for a longer time.

Keep Them Cool

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If you wish your flowers to be healthy and survive for a longer period, avoid keeping them in too much heat/direct sun. Moreover, cut flowers do not photosynthesize. Hence, they won’t benefit from bright sunlight. Instead, it will harm your blooming beauties. So, keep your bouquet somewhere cool, away from windowsills and help them last longer.

Now no need to say goodbye to your favourite blooms anymore. Just arm yourself with these tips and tricks to revive a wilting bouquet & protect your favourite flower arrangements effortlessly.

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