Say I Love You without Saying I Love You!

Love is a beautiful and a simple feeling which most of us complicate in our minds and lives. No matter how effortless it is to love someone, expressing it has always been a big deal. People fall for each other and find it awkward telling it. We all shy away from expressing love. We have created several apprehensions in our heads, which ultimately steals away the charm of the very feeling. We have been sticking to the primary rule book of love. We even get confused with the expression of others… when someone tries to convey their feelings in other ways.

We all have grown up with the idea of loving someone and expressing it in a particular way already defined. And those stereotypical ways makes us quite stagnant. The relations do not flourish on the unchangeable rules and ways. We must know that there can be a lot better ways to tell you love someone. The ways which you might come across every day, but overlook, as they are not directly spelt as ‘I Love You’!

A friend who makes time for you after a long and tiring day at work, just to sit with you and listen to your absolute nonsense. That colleague who always gets your favourite coffee from the cafeteria in the morning, and that one too, without whose help, your presentation never reaches the close! And while talking about the people who silently care for us, it would be rude not mentioning the lovable flatmates. You would agree, had you ever lived outside your hometown. From treating you in your illness to being there to sit beside, they somewhere become your family.

How can we not talk about the romantic and much decorated side of love? Yes, you guessed it right. That’s your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. The love of your life. Even if you notice them closely, they say I Love You in more than a thousand ways. For instance, did you eat your meal?, You sound low, what happened?, Your favourite pizza with extra cheese is here!, Got that shirt you liked last week in the mall!, cake reaching your place at midnight on your birthday, advices on every serious issue in life, holding hand in a crowded street, always walking on the outer side of a busy road and many more things which keep happening all the time. All we need to do, is to start noticing them and reciprocating likewise.

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