The Real Difference between Colognes and Perfumes

Perfumes and cologne are often considered as one by many people. However, they are not the same. There are few differences between the two that help identify the fragrance one would like to wear. So let’s jump straight into it!


The Real Difference between Colognes and Perfumes

Perfumes are known to be one of the most intense fragrances available for use in a product. They contain a 15-30% concentration of essential oils, making them the most long-lasting fragrances. A perfume can last up to 6-8 hours, depending on the body chemistry. Accordingly, perfumes are a little higher in the price range. 

Also, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using perfumes as they have a high alcohol concentration. Alcohol can be irritating to the skin and should only be used as an antiseptic. In such cases, Arabic perfumes are amazing as they have zero alcohol present in them. 


The Real Difference between Colognes and Perfumes

The most significant factor that differentiates colognes from colognes is the fragrance concentration. Colognes have a fragrance concentration of 2-4% only and are very mild. They are usually extracted using a traditional recipe that involves citrus notes and herbs. Colognes only last for a few hours and are worn for a subtle smell.

Along with that, colognes are often associated with masculine fragrances. In some places, especially in the USA, you’ll find the term “cologne” used exclusively for manly scents. They are often considered perfumes for men

To sum it up

While both of them are wearable fragrances, the core difference lies mainly in the essential oil concentration. Colognes are a better choice for those with sensitive skin. You can reapply a cologne every few hours to keep the scent alive. 

Perfumes and colognes are great for gifting as they both are accessories wearable by all. You can find the best suitable fragrance according to one’s personality and send it with love. However, keep in mind the differences before deciding which one to choose. 

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