Top 5 Arabian Perfumes & Fragrances

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.”

Jean Paul Gaultier

You may forget certain qualities of a person but their scent is something that stays in your memory for a long time. It is the striking fragrance of a person that attracts us more towards them rather than their looks. That’s the main reason we all want to smell a million bucks and make huge investments in exotic perfume. The Arabic perfumes are famous throughout the world for their attractive and exotic fragrances. They are the best options for the perfume lovers who are looking for something unique and special. So here are five of the most luxurious Arabian perfumes whose mysterious fragrance will entice your senses to the core.


Armaf is a collection of signature perfumes for both men and women that exudes style, class, and elegance. They have a selection of modern and inspiring scents for men and glamorous and irresistible fragrances for women. Earlier, Armaf was a manufacturing company that used to design high-quality perfume bottles for designer perfume brands. Then, it started making perfumes for certain designer brands and finally, emerged as its own brand and became a famous name in the perfume market. Armaf is one of the best perfumes in UAE. The brand provides quality at competitive pricing and exclusive packaging, which makes them stand out in the crowd.


Rasasi perfume is a family owned business in Dubai, which was founded by Abdul Razzak Kalsekar in 1979. Over four decades, the brand has created some of the most exclusive fragrances known worldwide for their quality and elegance. They have a collection of exquisite perfumes for men and women. Their Oriental and Occidental perfume lines have found wide acceptance from the customers across the world. Currently, they rank amongst the UAE’s top fragrance companies.


What started as an experiment in 1951 has grown into a multi-million dollar company managed by the Ajmal family. Ajmal Perfumes is a family-owned fragrance brand based in Dubai, whose name means “most beautiful” in Arabic. Their fresh, aromatic, and well-crafted fragrances provide a unique scent to your personality that says a lot about you and the way you represent yourself. With over 100 retail stores across the Middle East and several new stores across the globe, Ajmal is globally recognized as the luxury brand among their customers.


Known for their exciting range of high-quality fragrances. the Afnan perfumes are combining the best of both West and the Middle East with the fusion of creative fragrances. All their finest ingredients are imported from France and their fragrances are manufactured under AFNAN including perfumes oils, sprays, incense, and occidental perfumes. They provide a collection of exotic perfumes for women and men. Their team of specialists is committed to creating high standard fragrances with the subtle magic to mesmerize the senses of people.


Lattafa provides classy perfumes that help men and women across the world shine and smell good all day every day. Each perfume from Lattafa is inspired by supreme qualities of passion and energy. They take pleasure to facilitate people with different persona and preferences to stay passionate in life through their collection. With their expanding global reach, they have created fine occidental fragrances to cater to the need of the urban population.

All the above high-quality perfumes and some best Arabic attars are perfect to gift your loved ones on major occasions and win their heart forever. These fragrances will spell magic over their senses and make their personality more attractive to the people.

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