Top 5 Plants That Grow Well in UAE

Beautiful gardens offer visual comfort. Having plenty to look at in the garden is a blessing. But, maintaining a lovely garden all year round in a country like UAE can be tough. Due to the harsh summers, picking the right plants that can survive in the extreme sunlight, and hot climate is important. We have a list of superb, desert-friendly plants in UAE that will thrive in the hot climate and beautify your backyard flawlessly.

  • Flame Tree

Flame Tree

The Delonix Regia, also called Flame Tree can bring a splash of colours to your garden, even in the extreme temperature of the Emirates. The fiery orange and red, long petals of a Flame tree need less water, and flowers bloom beautifully if kept slightly dry. The Flame tree loves the tropical climate and can tolerate drought conditions, making it an ideal pick for UAE gardens. The flowering season of Delonix Regia starts from May to July.

  • Date Palm

date palm

Date Palm, also known as Phoenix Dactylifera is a plant that immediately comes to our mind when we think of UAE gardens. UAE contributes to 6% of the world’s date production. Date Palm can grow up to 23 meters with pointed leaves that are 4 to 6 metres long. It can hold moisture and survives well in the hot climate, making it a UAE-friendly plant. 

  • Frangipani


Scientifically known as Plumeria, Frangipani is a staple plant in every UAE garden. It can thrive well in direct sunlight and poor and dry soil quality. The white and yellow, fragrant flowers of Plumeria blooms several times a year and are used to make perfumes. The small and deciduous nature of the Frangipani species makes it an excellent choice for compact and small gardens & terraces.

  • Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus

Commonly known as China Rose Plant, Tropical Hibiscus is a unique plant that flourishes in the sand, making it perfect for UAE gardens. The flower of Tropical Hibiscus blooms in a dash of colours like orange, yellow, red, pink and white. It cannot survive under the temperature of 10°C and loves hot and humid climate. Hibiscus can be grown in containers and pots, which makes it suitable for balconies and terraces. The roots of the hibiscus need pruning every once in three years if potted. 

  • Bougainvillaea

Bougainvillaea plant

Bougainvillaea is also a common garden plant in the UAE that blooms with gorgeous white flowers in a cluster of three. It is a thorny vine-like plant that beautifully covers walls and fences and grows up to 12 meters long. Bougainvillaea is a tough hot-climate plant and shows a great-tolerance to situations like drought. The plant needs good fertilization and less water with a consistent watering pattern. Having a Bougainvillea can be a good addition to your garden flower bed. 

Thoughtfully landscaping your garden with these beautiful plants can give you an oh-so-perfect garden despite the steamy summers in UAE. You can get these plants online without any hassle. So, bring these colourful beauties home and enjoy gardening!

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