What is the Difference Between Love & Romance

As per Elinor Glyn – “Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life to a Golden Haze.”

Love and romance go hand in hand. Where there is love, there is romance. Well, no! They might go hand in hand but have one thin blurry line separating them which is often misinterpreted and not understood. Love is a deep feeling that is not just limited to humans. Whereas romance is the thrill and excitement which is associated with love and is only reserved for our significant other. Let’s know and understand the difference between these two words in detail:

Love is Commitment. Romance is Temporary

Love is a deep liking and adoration towards a few people we have in our lives. Love makes us go to great lengths for the people we love.  Romance, on the other hand, may or may not transform into love. A relationship that is only based on it is bound to end sooner or later.

Love is Eternal. Romance is Volatile

Love lasts forever and will only grow stronger with time. The person you love will have the deepest place in your heart. But romance evaporates soon. It is something that comes and goes. It is only felt towards your significant other but is not permanent.

Love is an Inner Gesture. Romance is Superficial 

Love means devotion, affection and commitment. Romance is everything superficial like long drives, intimate dinners.

Love Serves. Romance can be Self-Centred.

It’s a known fact that love is all about selflessness and keeping the other person’s happiness and safety on top of yours. Hence a mother’s love is considered the purest form of love. But the act of romance can be self-indulgent. You may suggest things and do activities that you enjoy more than your partner.

But, don’t get romance wrong. It is an essential factor and acts as a fuel to the fire in the relationship. It strengthens the intimacy and the bond of two souls who are in love. Romance is crucial for happiness as it creates adventure and nostalgia, and together, love and romance make a relationship of a couple stable, beautiful and everlasting.

About the author

Rohit Kaushik