When Flower Is Your Teacher….

Flowers are beautiful, enigmatic, elegant, charming, graceful, and pure. We all know these facets of a flower and whenever an image of a flower rises in mind, we sum up a flower in these words only. But don’t you all think, there’s a lot more to a flower! Keeping a more prudent look, I have found some very important lessons that we can learn from a flower.


When a flower is a teacher, we actually learn these following things:

Sunshine and flowers:

Sunshine is definitely scorching. Be it the sultry months of June and July or the cooler December, we cannot stand under this roasting ray for long – right? But that is the only thing that keeps us moving and every single thing works ahead with sunshine. You cannot hide from it. We run so much and so fast that we lose the real glory of our lives. Look into a flower which opens its soft petals to the sun. We may not be well enough emotionally but that doesn’t mean we can lose hope of life or stop enjoying the surroundings. Flowers hug the sunshine and teach us to cherish the light that radiates in our lives. When sad, you can be the sun ray to someone who is in a worse situation than you are!

Change of seasons and flowers:

Seasons are the mark of change. Change is the only thing permanent in this world is an age old saying. Flowers accept that change so gracefully and make us learn that one has to remain calm and amiable while that change is going through us. From being the seeding to becoming a plant, blooming flowers to withering away, a flower faces all ups and downs but never loses its aura. So, juts try not to get caught up in the wardrobe of past because each moment holds something new and meaningful.

Standing tall being fearless and flowers:

Flowers stand tall high up with its charm and aura knowing that they would wither away and die in due course of time. We would also face the same thing. In this life, there are so many things to do – pursuing dreams, setting goals, keeping everyone happy, the list is endless. We live in a chase-oriented life. But what about the quest itself? In all these chases, we must not doom our real selves and have that courage to stand tall and fearless in all stages of life.

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