• Milestones

    • World's largest chain of floral boutiques
    • Delivering emotions since two decades
    • A bouquet is sold every 5 seconds at FNP
    • Adding a new outlet every week
    • Out of 200 outlets, 40% are being managed by women entrepreneurs
    • Rarest of rare flowers anywhere, anytime in the world!
    • Delivering flowers/gifts faster than a courier service
    • Presence at every 200 kms in India.
    • 1172 skilled artists throughout our Retail network
    • Covering 56100 sq ft of Retail space pan India
    • People express their feelings not just with flowers but with Ferns N Petals
    • A name synonymous with flowers in every household

    How it works?

    • Store size: 200 to 300 sq. ft. at ground floor only.
    • Preferred frontage: 10 to 15 sq. ft.
    • Preferred Location: High street/high foot fall/HNI area
    • Property: Can be owned/rented with a minimum lock in period of 1 years

    FNP stores offer a vast assortment of fresh cut flowers, aesthetically designed flower arrangements, bouquets, artificial and dry flowers, a large variety of gifts, glass and ceramic vases, potpourri, candles etc. We believe in superior Customer Service to ensure ‘Customer delight’, along with value pricing and an exciting shopping experience for its esteemed customers.

    Each store is similar in appearance and is designed by utilizing standardized specifications, to increase the speed and lower the cost of new store openings. Our stores are state of the art and are universal in look and appearance, so as to give the same feel regardless of the location of the store.


    • Use of Brand Name
    • FNP Website support
    • Help in selecting the right location
    • Trained technical manpower support
    • Fixed monthly E-commerce business
    • Comprehensive Franchisee Training Programme
    • FNP exclusive merchandise at wholesale prices
    • Infrastructure and design support for small budget decor work
    • Regular support of innovative designs for car decorations and jaimalas
    • Visual Merchandising support
    • Quality control team for upkeep of store
    • Daily camera supervision report of the outlet


    What does the investment of Rs. 5 - 7 lacs include?

    It includes franchise fees, complete cost of interiors, first fill of stock and basic office equipments like air conditioner, Computer & music system. The cost of property (rented/ leased / owned) is not factored in this.

    What profit will I make?

    After achieving break even within initial 3 - 6 months, franchisee can earn from Rs.50,000/- to Rs. 2 lac per month depending upon the city of operation.

    I do not have any experience of running a flower shop?

    96% of our business partners were from different field and from different background. We will train and equip the franchisee to run a flower shop by providing skilled manpower to operate the store.

    Do I need to own a property?

    Property could be rented/leased/owned.

    What are the profit margins?

    On fresh flowers the profit margin is 200 - 300% and other items like artificial flowers, dry flowers, gift items etc, it is 100%.

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Flower is the best gift that can be showered on all our loved ones. For its easy accessibility they are the most gifted items on this earth. Not only that they also match the essence of each and every festival that are generally enjoyed by the masses as well as classes. Therefore, opening a flower shop business or a florist franchise business would be a great benefactor for you.

How to start your own flower shop business

Floriculture is one of the noblest jobs that one can entwine oneself into. Undoubtedly, everyone on this earth has a special liking for flowers and it would really be wonderful if that liking can be transformed into a business. Then this business won’t only remain as a transaction but it would indulge a whole lot of emotions. A loving heart wants to present an endearing gift to his wife and the first thing that can crop up in his mind would be a flower bouquet. So, enlisting a bunch of florists who are creative in their way to turn a normal flower into an attractive one would be your first step towards this business. The satisfaction of the mind of both the gift sender and receiver on this flower delivery is something inexplicable.

The big market of flowers - Which Franchise Programme to Look Out for?

In a religious country like India flowers would never go out of fashion or out of any market trend. Because of the religious followers the market trend of flowers is always on the rise. Along with that we have more than twenty five major to minor festivals that keeps the demand of these flowers at a higher level.

We are engaged in this business for a long time and with our gifts retail store in all the major cities of India, we have transformed the idea of gifting. This whole process of gifting has become a refined one with lots of opportunities open for all the customers. And with increased communication we are able to get flowers from all corner of the world to your drawing room.

To start a profitable business which gives you happiness, the best option for you is obviously floriculture and getting into the floral franchise Ferns n Petals is your best option.