Bachelorette Party Ideas for Best Friend

The bachelorette party is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable days for a woman who is about to get married. A similar party is also enjoyed by the groom-to-be and is known as the bachelor party. Though the party is supposed to bid farewell to the carefree days of one's life, it is thrown for the bride-to-be in the style of the common circle. The bachelorette party is generally held about 3 or 4 weeks prior to the wedding and is generally proposed by the maid of honour. The party is supposed to be a lot of fun and harks back to the wonderful days that the bride-to-be has spent as a single woman.

Ideas for the Bachelorette Party

There is a lot of stuff that can be planned for the bachelorette party to make it a huge success. No matter what it is you do for your best friend, she is sure to enjoy it. These are some of the cool ideas to try out:

  • Camping - A bachelorette party does not always have to be in a club. Going camping can be one of the coolest ideas to try out. Rubbing some dirt on the face could be the way to go and have some fun. A camping experience with your closest friends can be surely a very cool idea.
  • Having a Sleepover - Having a sleepover could be another way to go. You and your best friend are sure to miss each other and it would be a cool idea to have a nice sleepover, enjoying yourselves like the old days. A hotel room could be rented out for the party and you could have a lot of fun chatting and playing games.
  • Bungee Jumping or Skydiving - Going for a bungee jumping or skydiving tryst could be a really cool idea. It will surely be something out of the box for sure! However, it will require some practice and you would need to make sure that your friend is ready for it. But once you decide to go for it, this could be really awesome.
  • Road Trip - Another cool option is a road trip. Having an adventurous trip could be surely something that all of your friends would enjoy. You could hire a nice car and go for a thrilling tour of the countryside or be a little bolder and try out something a little farther. There is no limit to how much you could do for the bachelorette party once you decide what it is going to be.
  • A festival - You could even try going to a festival if that is something that you would like to do with your friends. Festivals are surely amazing and the wonderful crowd can go a long way towards cheering you up. This is a very unconventional idea and it would be pretty awesome for your best friend. You can expect to have a lot of fun at events like these.