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      About Eid Al Adha

      Eid Al Adha Date and Celebration

      Also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha is one of the most significant Islamic festivals celebrated

      Indoor Plants That Crave Low Light & Dark House Corners

      In the old days, people used to have big and bright gardens in front of their houses where they would pursue their hobby of gardening. Due to the increasing

      What Does Gifting a Plant Actually Means?

      It takes a lot of effort to find the perfect gift. A gift should be meaningful, expressing the emotions one wants to convey. It should

      Which Flowers Are Used Profusely In Medicine?

      Flowers are fascinating things that are used in various ways in our daily lives. Flowers are used to decorate the temples, as an offering to Gods

      Which Plants Are Best Suited For An Aquarium?

      Growing plants in an aquarium is a popular hobby of plant enthusiasts. It enhances water quality and helps prevent algae growth. The live plants in an aquarium

      Mother In Law’s Tongue (MILT) Sansevieria Plant - Facts & Trivia

      Native to Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia, Mother in Law’s Tongue (MILT) Sansevieria is a common

      Emirati Women's Day: Celebrating Women’s Empowerment

      Though you have 365 days to celebrate and acknowledge women and their achievements from all walks of life, Emirati Women’s Day gives you one more opportunity

      What does World Rose Day for Cancer Patients Signify?

      Among different illnesses, the most dreadful is cancer. The fight with this illness is physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically

      11 Ways of Inviting Good Feng Shui Energy in Your House

      Are you interested in Astrology? Well, who isn’t? You may or may not believe in astrology but it is definitely interesting. Somewhere down

      Which Flowers are perfect to Say Sorry?

      All of us, at some point in our lives, end up making mistakes, which can be trivial yet massive. These mistakes might end up hurting someone close

      Which Flowers Are Popular In The USA?

      Boston Fern is an incredibly popular houseplant that belongs to the species of fern in the family Lomariopsidaceae native to tropical

      Know About Astonishing Benefits of Boston Fern Plant

      Boston Fern is an incredibly popular houseplant that belongs to the species of fern in the family Lomariopsidaceae native to tropical

      Surprise Birthday Ideas For Friends During Lockdown

      Coronavirus has made movement along with borders, states, and even within cities an absolute nightmare. And when you have a friend’s birthday

      Top 6 April Fool Pranks That Can Be Played In College

      April Fools’ Day is also known as All Fools' Day. It is meant to be the light-hearted day and people are allowed to play pranks on each other

      How To Take Care of Poinsettia

      Poinsettia is a well-known plant species which has been grown in Egypt from the 1860s onwards when it came from Mexico. It is known as the

      Is It Necessary to Show Off Your Love on Social Media?

      Social media is taking the world by storm. We hardly spend an hour in the day without looking at our phones and documenting our

      Do You Know About Snake Plant Benefits?

      The Snake plant is a species of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae that is popularly known by a quirky name

      What Is The Origin Of Lily?

      Lily is a common name given to flowering plants belonging to the genus Lilium of the family Liliaceae. Lilies grow in Europe, North America

      Unique & Creative 6 Month Anniversary Ideas for Him & Her

      Love is magical and to be in it and survive the time span of 6 months is huge and special. No one can stop you from

      40 Vastu Shastra Tips for Home- For Better Life & Prosperity

      Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science of Architecture. While we all have heard about Vastu Shastra but most of us are not fully aware of what it is exactly

      Top 7 Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

      No matter what the season is, mosquitoes can be found everywhere. Mosquitoes are present in all the corners of our house and to kill them

      Easy To Grow 10 Medicinal Plants At Home

      Do you know that the ancient Unani manuscripts, Chinese old writings, and Egyptian papyrus mentioned about the

      Difference Between Truffles and Chocolates

      Who doesn’t love to eat chocolates? From six to sixty- everyone seems to be a huge fan of chocolates. The modern chocolate

      Simple Engagement Decorations At Home

      Engagement is the promise of eternal love. To announce to the world that you have found your soulmate has its charm. From

      Interesting Things to Know About Peace Lily Plant

      The beautiful peace lily plant, also known as Spathiphyllum, is native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern

      Difference between Asiatic and Oriental Lilies

      Lily flower is one of the most popular choices when it comes to gifting and centrepieces. It has gained popularity due

      Spider Plant Benefits That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

      The spider plant is an ornamental indoor plant native to tropical and southern Africa. It is an easy to grow indoor plant

      How to Place Buddha Statue for Home Vastu

      Bring home the enlightened one and spread tranquility in your casa. Lord Buddha is the symbol of peace

      Eid-al-Adha: History, Significance & Celebrations

      The moon is shining bright, houses are swept clean, lanterns are lit, sweets are brought, and the feast is being prepared! The pious festival of Eid-Al-Adha is here. Commonly known as Bakrid or the feast of sacrifice, Eid-Al-Adha is celebrated all across the world by Muslims in a grandeur manner for a period of two to three days.

      World Laughter Day: Employee-centric Activity Ideas For a Fun Day

      The above-said quote by the CEO of Campbell Soup Company captures the essence of treating one’s employees right. As long as the employees are happy

      Top 5 Heart Shaped Anniversary Cakes

      best receipes for valentines day

      Nobody wants a chaotic, unhappy, and bitter/sour relationship in life. Even when things go wrong, adjustments are made to revive the sweetness in relationships.

      Ramzan Traditions From Around The World

      best receipes for valentines day

      Ramzan has almost started knocking at our doors.

      5 Best Valentine's Day Recipes

      best receipes for valentines day

      Of course, Valentine's Day can be about a lot of activities and you can do anything and everything that you would want to do together. You can try out cooking together.

      Guide To Customizing Valentine Gifts For Friends

      how to customise valentines day gifts for friends

      Looking to add a special touch to the gift? You may do so by personalizing cool gifts for your friends. The Love Season is finally here and you may be looking for cool.

      Cutest Gifts For Your Beloved On Valentine's Day

      how to find cute valentines gifts for beloved

      Gifts are a must on Valentine's Day and there could be a lot of ideas to try out on this wonderful day. You could try remembering what was the one thing he or she.

      Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Him!

      ideas for valentines day date for him

      Why should the men always have to deal with planning the dates for Valentine's Day? Women are just as capable of coming up with a unique and romantic ideas for Valentine.

      How to Have Best First Date on Valentine

      how to make first valentines day date your best date

      Dating first time on the occasion of Valentine's Day and feeling excited? Do not panic much as this is going to be your first and prime chance to impress your special one.

      How To Make Your Own Valentine's Day Card?

      how to make diy valentines day card

      Along with the bright Valentine Roses, you can can also surprise your loved ones by making them a clothesline loaded with Valentine's Day cards, disclosing to them.

      How to Dress For Valentine's Day Date?

      how to dress up for valentines day

      Dressing for a Valentine's Day could be a really challenging job if you are taking things seriously. On another note, you could also throw anything over to plan a perfect.

      What to Gift Him on Valentine's Day?

      what can be the gifts for him on valentine's day

      Gifting your man something on the Valentine's Day is not something that would be really tough. He would not always be expecting for you to do so and in most cases.

      The Women Wish List for V-Day: Decoded!

      what women want on valentines day

      If you have a girl or a woman in your life, you must be ready to go the extra mile for her. No matter what she says, she would like to know that she is cared for.

      Tips to Handle Rejection on V-Day

      valentines day tips

      Valentine's Day is one of the most auspicious days and it is the day to celebrate love. Love is a very complex emotion that often encompasses more than what can be seen.

      Perfect Ways to Celebrate Kiss Day

      kiss day celebration

      Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. can be celebrated with friends, family members as well as your spouse or your soul mate. However, kiss day is a day.

      How to To Surprise Girlfriend on Valentines Day

      how to surprise my girlfriend on valentine's day

      What are some of the craziest things that you can do for your girlfriend? Surely this is something that everyone wonders about. Also, Valentine's Day is surely one of the most.

      How Singles can Celebrate Valentines Day?

      know how singles can celebrate their Valentines day?

      At the point when February fourteenth tags along, on the off chance that you don't have a critical other, you more often than not feel the strain to discover a date, since.

      Best Gift For Rose Day

      perfect gift ideas for rose day in valentines week

      Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine week and is celebrated on the 7th of February. It is a wonderful day for lovers and those who are trying to find love as it allows.

      Anniversary Decoration Ideas Using Personalised Gifts

      anniversary decoration ideas using personalised gifts

      Celebrating the special occasions in life signifies them as priorities. Be it the 1st or 50th wedding anniversary, it deserves to be celebrated wonderfully.

      Daughter’s Day

      Daughters are known to be the angels sent from heaven to fill the heart of the family members with joy.

      How is Daughters Day Celebrated?

      From every ministry in India, this day is promoted with great enthusiasm. Some state government launches new programs to help eradicate narrow-mindedness regarding a girl child.

      Grandparent's Day

      Grandparents are the blessings of God who made life happier and easier with their presence. They can be strict as parents and funny as friends who are always ready to offer the warmest hugs. They spoil you with expensive gifts and enlighten by teaching the best lessons in life.

      How is Grandparents Day Celebrated?

      Grandparents are the epitome of love, care, and laughter. Their wonderful stories, caring nature, and soft heart make them the real treasure of life.

      Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year


      Anniversaries are special occasions indeed; they're commemorations of a couple's successful journey throughout all the challenges thrown by life and their commitment towards each other. Anniversaries should always be celebrated, particularly when

      Do Flowers Make The Best Birthday Gifts?


      If you are thinking of sending flowers for a birthday, then you should make sure that the person is fond of flowers. Flowers are simple to order and can make anyone happy, especially if you choose the right bloom. The blooms that you send can speak for you

      Anniversary Cake Decor Ideas

      Cake Decoration Ideas for Marriage Anniversary

      Be it birthdays or anniversaries, none of the merry occasions is quite complete without the ceremonial cake cutting. Nowadays the varieties of cakes that are available are mind boggling. From customized cakes to designer cakes you will be spoilt for choice...

      1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

      Gifts on 1st Wedding Anniversary

      Exactly three-sixty-five days ago, when you took your marriage vows, you didn't imagine that in this one-year time you will have such lovely moments in your life. The first anniversary gifts were traditionally made of paper, as it is believed...

      Bedroom Decor Tips for Anniversary Celebrations

      Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

      Weddings are a grand affair all over the world. Every culture and tradition has their own rituals and ceremonies but at the end of the day everybody wants this auspicious day to be special. People go to great lengths to make it a perfect day for themselves...

      Top 6 Anniversary Surprise Ideas for Him

      Wedding Anniversary Surprise Ideas For Him

      Men are from Mars; they are the life supporters for all and are known for their strength and grit. Yet, like women, men also like gifts and cherish surprises. Gifts for men should be both romantic as well as useful. When it comes to celebrating anniversaries...

      Top 8 Anniversary Surprise Ideas for Her

      Marriage Anniversary Surprise Ideas For Her

      The anniversary is one of the most important days of the year. It is a date to remember, enjoy and celebrate. On this day people plan various surprises for their loved ones. The anniversary is a day when the couple would love to spend some quality time together...

      25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

      25th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Ideas For Parents

      A wedding anniversary calls for celebrations. It becomes more special if it is the anniversary of your Mom and dad because you can look forward to have a huge celebration and much fun. It calls for an even grander celebration if it is the 25th wedding anniversary of your...

      Humorous Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples

      Humorous Marriage Anniversary Surprise for Couples

      A gift is always a special entity and speaks volumes. Every gift that we give must convey something about the kind of bond that we share with the other person to whom it is addressed. But hunting for unique anniversary gifts is a time consuming and tough job...

      Best Milestone Birthday Gifts

      Best Milestone Birthday Gifts

      Although all birthdays are special, some are more significant than the other. Birthdays like the 18th, 25th, 50th and so on mark significant milestones in our lives and are representative of all the trials and tribulations that we went through to get to that point in our lives...

      Best Gift for Mom on Her Birthday

      Perfect Birthday Gift on Mother' Birthday

      Gear up; it is your mother's birthday knocking on the door. The super woman, the all-rounder, the hero, who is always there for you deserves day full of surprises on her birthday. The best possible thing you can do for her on her birthday is give her a day-off...

      Top Romantic Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend

      Romantic Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend/Him

      So it's his birthday and you want to come up with something surprising and grand, and here's how you can do it. If your guy likes cakes, the only thing that he will love is your handmade cake straight out of your kitchen. Even if you don't know how to make one...

      How to Surprise Your Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

      Ways to Surprise Long Distance Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

      So it's your girl's birthday and she is miles away from you and you want to make her feel special on her birth day? Yes, it's possible. Giving her a surprise visit is something everyone will come up with but what about adding a little spice to it. Plan something big for her...

      Surprise your Father on His Birthday

      Surprise your Father on his Birthday?

      Fathers are the pillars of our strength. They might remain silent many a time but it is their motivation that keeps us going through all our struggles. It would be nice if fathers could cry and express their emotions and let out their feelings, but doing so is difficult....

      What Does your Birth Month Say About You?

      What Your Birthday Month Says About You!!

      You might not know this, but your birth month affects your personality to a great degree. According to numerologists, birth months can influence a person's choice of career, friends and partners as well as their overall characteristics. It can also determine what kind of...

      What To Get Your Best Friend For Her Birthday?

      What to get Best Friend on her/his birthday?

      Let's face it; you are eternally thankful for your best friend. She's been on your team since forever, knows you better than anyone else, listens to all your complaints and demands, and is the sweetest person in the world. Although we all take pride in how well we know our besties...

      About Father's Day

      What is Father's Day?

      Ghe importance of a father can't be neglected or ignored at all and he is the superhero who is always ready to take on everyday troubles of his children. Just like a mother, the significance of a father is beyond words...

      When is Father's Day 2020?

      When is Father's Day?

      In the UAE, this Father's Day is celebrated on 21st June which again coincides with the midsummer’s day. Father’s Day is a day for honoring the dads and celebrating paternal bonds, fatherhood, and the power of the fathers...

      How is Father's Day Celebrated?

      How to Celebrate Father's Day?

      The ancient celebration regarding honouring non-surviving fathers dates long back where a two week celebration to celebrate ancestors is observed in the form of Pitrupaksha. Although, Father's Day is not the native festival of India...

      About Mother's Day

      Mother's Day?

      There is one relationship in this mortal life which effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this Earth. Feeling confused? Don't scratch your head too much as that extraordinary relationship is none other than that...

      When is Mother's Day 2020 in UAE?

      When is Mother's Day?

      21st March 2020 is the day dedicated to moms in the UAE. Every year on this date, Mother’s Day is celebrated with much fun and excitement. Mother's Day in today’s date has become a big celebration...

      How is Mother's Day Celebrated?

      How is Mother's Day Celebrated?

      Although, Anna Jarvis, the pioneering figure in the celebration of mother's day was against the commercialization of the event but the occasion became a huge opportunity to mint money by various gifting, chocolate and flowers...

      How to Make Her First Mother's Day Special?


      Is your wife or any other loved one gearing up to celebrate Mother's Day for the very first time? It is a special event that is worthy of a grand celebration without a doubt. This will be a commemoration of all her struggles throughout pregnancy...

      Mother’s Day is Not Just About Mothers

      Mother's Day is not only about Moms

      We love our mothers, don’t we? They’ve brought us into this world. They have raised us, educated us, loved and cared for us- we owe our entire existence to our mothers. Countries and cultures all over the world have one day in the year dedicated...

      Top 10 Best Bollywood Proposals Ever

      Top Bollywood Proposals Ever

      Love is a colourful emotion and often the movies we watch mould our perspectives of how we see love. Bollywood has given us some timeless love stories like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Bollywood has produced so many romantic movies over...

      Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

      Top Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

      ifts are a way of showing appreciation to the ones you adore, be it close friends or family. When it comes to gifting the love of your life, the decision gets tougher. Little gestures matter. This does not really require an...

      Top 10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

      Top Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

      With the holiday season just around the corner, you must be under a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift for her, the women in your life. Although she might not be exceptionally choosy, it is really nice to give her something that...

      How to Keep Indoors Unpolluted with Plants?

      Breathe Healthy to Stay Healthy

      The magnanimity of this situation needs to be addressed if we want our future generations to live. Pollution is the real devil that is causing so many health related issues....

      Aloe Vera - Uses for Skin, Hair & Weight Loss!

      Ways Aloe Vera can be Used for Skin, Hair & Weight Loss!

      Aloe Vera is the superhero of the houseplant kingdom. Period. Not only does it benefit the home in more ways than one, but it can also grow almost anywhere in direct sunlight...

      Bachelorette Party Ideas for Best Friend

      Bachelorette Party Ideas for Best Friend

      The bachelorette party is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable days for a woman who is about to get married. A similar party is also enjoyed by the groom-to-be and is known...

      How to Apologize to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

      How to Apologize to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

      Sometimes, words and actions can hurt more than we intend them to. Fights are part and parcel of every relationship, and there is no avoiding them. But, some things we say and...

      About Women's Day

      International Women's Day

      Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated across the globe on March 8th. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements in the social, economic, cultural, and political fields. The world joins hands together to support...

      When is International Women's Day?

      When is International Women's Day?

      nternational Women’s Day was first witnessed on 28th February 1909 in New York and thereafter it was suggested by the International Woman’s Conference to make 8th March the “International Women’s Day”. History says that after the women population...

      How is Women's Day Celebrated?

      How is International Women's Day Celebrated?

      The International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s. People across the world join hands to celebrate this day and create opportunities to make this world a better place for women. Here are some amazing ideas to celebrate IWD...

      When is Ramadan?

      When is Ramadan

      he Ramadan 2018 is starting on the evening of 15th May (Tuesday) and ending on the evening of 14th June (Thursday). The ninth (9th) month as per the Islamic calendar is observed as Ramadan. It is believed that the Holy Quran was revealed...

      About Eid-Al-Fitr

      About Eid-Al-Fitr

      Eid-Al-Fitr or most commonly known as Eid, is an Arabic term which means "festival of breaking of the fast". It is the most important religious festival in Islam Calendar and takes place in the month of Shawwal. After fasting for a whole month known as Ramadan...

      When is Eid-Al-Fitr?

      When is Eid-Al-Fitr?

      Muslim people all across the world celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr on the same day and this date is decided by the observation of New Moon by local religious authorities. It hardly varies from location to location. The scale of celebration may vary from one country...

      How Eid is Celebrated?

      How is Eid-Al-Fitr Celebrated

      Eid is celebrated after the end of the 9th Islamic month of Ramadan, on the first day of Shawwal. Those people who have practiced fasting for the past 30 days wake up early in the morning, generally before sunrise and offer the pre-sunrise prayer...

      About Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

      About Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

      The bonding between a brother and a sister is simply unique and is beyond description in words. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and is given importance in every part of the world. However, when it comes to India, the relationship...

      When is Raksha Bandhan?

      When is Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)?

      Although, the festival of Raksha Bandhan occurs on the full moon day of the Shravana month of Hindu calendar, the dates may vary every year. This year, it will fall on 15th August 2020...

      How is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

      How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan?

      The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in a variety of ways and forms by people. The festival is celebrated in different ways by the people residing in various parts of India. It is an occasion which observes the love and duty between siblings...

      About Friendship Day

      About Friendship Day

      The emotions and feelings related to the friendship is difficult to be deciphered. From ancient times, there has been numerous instances of friendship that have changed the entire meaning of humanity. The friendship is one such emotion which is well utilized...

      When is Friendship Day?

      When is Friendship Day?

      Various countries like India, USA and others celebrate Friendship Day on the First Sunday of August each year. This wonderful occasion is slated to be on 4th August for 2020. Make the most of this day and have a gala time with your friends!...

      How to Celebrate Friendship Day

      How to Celebrate Friendship Day

      On this auspicious day, people meet their friends in order to exchange greeting cards, flowers and gifts among themselves. Apart from this, several other social and cultural organisations host a wide range of programs, events and rock concerts to...

      About Teacher's Day

      About Teacher's Day

      A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide who holds our hand, opens our mind, and touches our heart. The contribution of a teacher cannot be ignored at all. In many countries across the world, teacher's day is a special day where teachers of schools...

      When is Teacher's Day?

      When is Teacher's Day?

      As a token of love, respect, regards, admiration, appreciation, and honor, Teacher's Day is celebrated across India and world. Teachers are no less than an engineer or architect of our society as a whole. In our country, Teacher's Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary...

      How is Teachers Day Celebrated?

      How to Celebrate Teacher's Day?

      Teachers form the most important part of our lives after our parents. In our part of the country, we celebrate Teacher's Day quite lavishly in schools, colleges, and universities. A teacher's job is the noblest and selfless one. He invests his life in grooming and developing...

      Origin of Diwali Celebration

      Origin of Diwali Celebration

      India is known globally for Diwali which is famously called the festival of lights where people decorate their homes and courtyard with glittering lights and diyas. Nobody perhaps knows the time since when this festival became a part of every household...

      When is Diwali Celebration?

      When is Diwlai Celebrated?

      Diwali or Deepavali is one of India’s biggest festivals where everything is decorated with earthen lamps or diyas. Lord Ganesha is worshipped for welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for wealth & wisdom. It is a festival of Lights and is celebrated by...

      How to Celebrate Diwali?

      How to Celebrate Diwali?

      The Diwali is a 5 day long festival and each day has in its store some immense amount of love and compassion. In our Common Era Calendar, Diwali is generally observed around the end of October or beginning of November. The night of Diwali is the darkest night of Autumn...

      About UAE National Day

      About UAE National Day

      The National Day of UAE is celebrated on December 2 every year that marks the day when emirates united together at Union House to form the United Arab Emirates in 1971. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the first president of UAE. Celebrations are held across...

      When is UAE National Day?

      When is UAE National Day

      The UAE National Day is celebrated on 2nd December when the entire nation come together for an exciting celebration. From exploring the unique heritage of UAE, its cultural festivals, parades, enjoying traditional cuisines to shopping at the high-end malls...

      How to Celebrate UAE National Day?

      How to Celebrate UAE National Day?

      The UAE National Day is a day of pride for all the residents celebrated with great pomp and show. So we are listing here some fun ways to celebrate UAE National Day holiday it in a grand manner....

      Best Christmas Celebration Around the World

      Best Christmas Celebration Around the World

      On this auspicious day, people meet their friends in order to exchange greeting cards, flowers and gifts among themselves. Apart from this, several other social and cultural organisations host a wide range of programs, events and rock concerts to...

      Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

      Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

      To most of the people out there Christmas is the harbinger of festivity and decorating house is the most important part of the celebration. However, we often struggle to come up with new ideas each year to revamp our sweet home. A traditional Christmas tree...

      When is Christmas?

      When is Christmas?

      here are several customs and traditions associated with this festival that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.The festival of Christmas is the perfect occasion to have a family gathering, exchange gifts, dine together, and create beautiful memories...

      About Christmas

      About Christmas Festival

      Christmas is the famous festival of Christian religion celebrated to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrated as a traditional festival around the world on 25th December, Christmas is the special time of the year when people have a great time with their friends...

      How To Celebrate Christmas?

      How To Celebrate Christmas?

      Christmas is the joyous occasion celebrated throughout the world with great fun and fervor. We are here with some fun and interesting tips to help you celebrate the Christmas festivities and make the most of your holiday season....

      How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

      How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

      The season of festivities is upon us, and like all other specifics of your Christams home decor, you should strategize the decoration of your Christmas tree. There is no guidebook to decorating the perfect tree- you can do it your way. But a couple of tips never...

      Most Common New Year Resolutions

      Most Common New Year Resolutions

      The end of the year might be tearful to some while joyous to others. Either way, everybody likes to resolute new missions for the coming year hoping to spend the future with greater control over their life. Mostly, resolutions are a healthier practice of undertaking...

      Why New Year Resolutions Never Work 90%?

      Why New Year Resolutions Never Work 90%?

      Every year most of the people make some New Year resolutions and only very few strive for them. There are many reasons behind this failure. To start with most people do not even know what they really want and make some resolutions which do not suit their soul...

      Best Makar Sakranti Greetings for Loved Ones

      Best Makar Sakranti Greetings for Loved Ones

      Makar Sakranti, known by different names in different regions of India, is the most auspicious festival celebrated with joy and fervor. As per the Hindu calendar, Sakranti falls on the 14th January every year. This is the festival dedicated to Lord Surya when the sun enters...

      Rose Plant Care Tips

      Rose Plant Care Tips

      Rose is also known as the 'Queen of Flowers'. If you have a passion for gardening and love flowers then I am sure you have always wanted to grow roses in your garden. Nevertheless, there is a much-hyped myth that rose gardening is probably one of the most difficult shrubs...

      How to keep your cut flowers fresh for a long time?

      Care guide to keep cut flowers fresh for a long time

      We, at FNP, understand the sentiments behind gifting flowers and that is why we take extra care to present nothing, but the best flowers to you. Flowers are delicate but with the right kind of care, you may enjoy your blooms for 3-4 days...

      Orchid Care Tips

      How to do care of Orchid flowers?

      Orchids are tropical flowers that are available in a large number of colors and varieties of their petal arrangements. Orchids are considered to be one of the most beautiful species of flowers and are rather expensive to buy. These orchids are beautiful blossoms in vibrant...

      How to take care of Flowering Plants?

      How to take care of  Flowering Plants?

      Get the valuable tips to take care of flowering plant. Learn how can you make you flowering plant fresh for a long time....

      Cake Care: Handling, Transportation and Storage

      How to Handle, Transport and Store cakes for long time?

      We all love to gorge on sweet delicacy when it comes about celebrating any special occasion or event. Among, all these sweet delicacies, cakes are the most preferred by people to add sweetness and unforgettable memory during the celebrations. A cake is a wonderful thing...

      Fondant Cake Care

      Fondant Cake Care

      Get the valuable tips to take care of fondant cake. Learn transportation and handling instruction for fondant cream cake. Care tips (when it is delivered at your place and when you are picking the cake from shop yourself)...

      Cream Cake Care

      Cream Cake Care

      Get the valuable tips to take care of cream cake. Learn transportation and handling instruction for cream cake. Care tips (when it is delivered at your place and when you are picking the cake from shop yourself)...

      How to take care of Terrarium Plants?

      How to take care of Terrarium Plants?

      Get the valuable tips to take care of terrarium plant. Learn how can you make you terrarium plant fresh for a long time....

      How to take care of Bonsai Plants?

      How to take care of Bonsai Plants?

      Bonsai, translated from Japanese as "Tray planting", is a millennia-old tradition that still thrives with plant enthusiasts today. Bonsai is an art, where tree and pot form a harmonious unit with synchronised shape, texture and colour. Many different types of...

      How to take care of Plants?

      How to take care of Plants?

      Plants are the best companion of humans since the civilization flourished and came into its present form. They have been providing a lot of things from food grains to timber for shelter, shade from scorching sun heat to various medicinal and commercial components...

      How to take care of Lucky Bamboo?

      How to take care of Lucky Bamboo?

      Get the valuable tips to take care of lucky bamboo plants. Learn how can you make you indoor plants fresh for a long time...

      How to take care of Indoor Plants?

      How to take care of Indoor Plants?

      Plants are a great enhancement to any home decor. They are also beneficial to your health. FNP provides these guidelines to keep houseplants thriving....

      How to take care of a Poinsettia?

      How to take care of a Poinsettia?

      Poinsettia is a well-known plant species which has been grown in Egypt from the 1860s onwards when it came from Mexico. It is known as the consul’s daughter which is a reference to Joel Roberts Poinsett, the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico who introduced it in the United States...

      Flower Astrology

      Flower Astrology

      Astrology is the ancient tradition or study regarding the knowledge and understanding of the celestial bodies like planets and stars at a particular instance and their impact on the human and real life environment. Every person born has some particular planetary positions...

      Why Do Women Like Flowers?

      Why Do Women Like Flowers?

      The depths of a woman's psyche are probably the most intriguing in this vast and sumptuous creation. Men since ages have been in awe of the thought process and the sentiments of women. Deciphering her choices and decisions can be one of the most difficult things...

      Best Indoor Plants to Keep for Good Health

      Best Indoor Plants to Keep for Good Health

      Home, sweet home. Really, there is no such place as our residential apartment. However, even if your living space is immaculately clean, there is a chance that you may catch certain diseases. Scary, isn't it? How are you to make sure that you and your family members are...

      7 Best Household Plants According To Vastu

      7 Best Household Plants According To Vastu

      Both Vastu and Feng Shui believe that house plants help to maintain the flow and balance of energy in a household. They can also affect the health, prosperity and fortune of the inhabitants. On the other hand, if the plants are not compliant with Vastu, they can be the...

      Meaning of Carnation Flower

      Carnation Flower

      Carnations are regarded as The Flowers of God and the association harks back to Dianthus, their scientific name which is the contribution of Theophrastus, the Greek botanist...

      Meaning of Lotus Flower

      Lotus Flower

      Lotus is often considered a sacred flower in India and is scientifically known as Nelumbonucifera. These flowers are often linked to Lord Buddha and is the national flower for...

      Meaning of Orchid Flower

      Orchid Flower

      Orchids are known as Orchidaceae and are often indicative of a supremely beautiful lady and elevated love. Orchids are symbolic of beauty that is highly exotic and also...

      Meaning of Rose Flower

      Rose Flower

      The name rose comes from the Latin word Rosa. It has been the ultimate choice for professing one's Love for centuries now. From love, passion and sensuality to wisdom...

      Meaning of Sunflower Flower


      Sunflowers are known for being "happy" flowers, making them the perfect gift for bringing joy to someone's day. The meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake...

      Meaning of Daffodil Flower

      Daffodil Flower

      Daffodils are also called Narcissus and are wonderful anniversary gifts, particularly when couples have crossed 10 years together. They are also symbolic of respect and are known...

      Meaning of Daisy Flower

      Daisy Flower

      Daisy is also known as Bellisperennis and this can be a lovely gift for wedding anniversaries. Daisies open up wonderfully during the day and close again at night. Daisies are also good...

      Meaning of Lily Flower

      Lily Flower

      Lilies are also called Lilium & are excellent gifts for 30th anniversaries of couples. These are symbol of purity, rebirth, beauty, motherhood and good luck. The Greeks cherished lilies......

      Meaning of Tulips Flower

      Tulips Flower

      Tulips make for an excellent 11th year anniversary gift for couples. The name may have been derived from the Persian word for turban which has a close resemblance to the shape...

      Meaning of Violet Flower

      Carnation Flower

      The word 'Violet' comes from the Latin name 'Viola' which means thoughts occupied with love. Violets typically have heart-shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers. The shape of the petals...

      Meaning of Heather Flower

      Heather Flower

      Heather flowers are also called Calluna Vulgaris. They can be cultivated easily and come with flowers which are velvety and tender. Heather flowers are the best options when it comes to...

      Meaning of Hyacinth Flower

      Hyacinth Flower

      Hyacinths are flowers that are dedicated to the Greek Sun God Apollo who is also considered as a chief patron of the arts. They are indicative of several things. Hyacinths are often...

      Meaning of Lilac Flower

      Lilac Flower

      Lilacs or Syringa are considered delightful spring flowers. These flowers have several colors and types with different meanings for each. These flowers make for splendid...

      Meaning of Dahlia Flower

      Dahlia Flower

      Dahlias were made the national flower for Mexico in 1963. These are wonderful flowers which can be gifted on wedding anniversaries. These are popular summer flowers and are...

      Meaning of Peony Flower


      Peonies are traditionally Chinese floral symbols and they can be gifted to couples on their 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies are also popular as wedding flowers since...

      Meaning of Poppy Flower

      Poppy Flower

      Poppies are linked to the Greek God of Dreams Morpheus. These are ideal gifts for 9th wedding anniversaries. They are also indicative of imagination and this makes them ideal gifts...

      Meaning of Rajnigandha Flower

      Rajnigandha Flower

      It goes by the name of Tuberose in English. The common name derives from the Latin tuberosa, meaning swollen or tuberous in reference to its root system. They are valued highly by...

      Meaning of Rhododendron Flower

      Rhododendron Flower

      The Rhododendron means rose or red tree and is originally native to Nepal. It is also the national flower of Nepal. The bell-shaped rhododendron flowers belie what grows beneath...

      Meaning of Marigold Flower

      Marigold Flower

      Marigold is also called Genda in Hindi and is a popular flower when it comes to weddings and several auspicious ceremonies. These flowers were popularly believed to be...

      Meaning of Zinnia Flower

      Zinnia Flower

      amed after a botanist Dr Johann Gottfried Zinn who first discovered the flower, Zinnia is one of the most exuberant flowers available. Thoughts of friends or thoughts of...