Bedroom Decor Tips for Anniversary Celebrations

Weddings are a grand affair all over the world. Every culture and tradition has their own rituals and ceremonies but at the end of the day everybody wants this auspicious day to be special. People go to great lengths to make it a perfect day for themselves. Wedding decoration is a big task for the organisers. There are probably millions of ways in which you can create a picturesque setting for making the day memorable. But the wedding day should not be the only day that should have a touch of magic to it. Anniversaries are a way to remind you of that special day and one can opt to throw a grand celebration party for all or opt to rekindle the romance in a private setting.

If you are more inclined towards the latter then here are some of the bedroom decor ideas you should try to spice up the anniversary celebrations:

  • Romantic lighting- The lighting of the room can set up the ambience and mood for any person. Go for a soft dim ambience for this special night with your partner. A candle lit room is a preferred choice for many as it provides the perfect romantic ambience for couples on this special night.
  • Rose petals on bed- This has been a preferred idea for most couples who are looking for the perfect romantic setting. Roses have always considered the flowers of choice for professing love. Be it the classic red rose or a soft hued pink or yellow one, it makes for a perfect bedroom décor option for anniversary celebrations.
  • Drapes for the bed- The soft hued drape for the bed ensures a decor of grand magnitude. Canopies covered in drapes are a preferred choice for honeymoon goers and can make for a perfect anniversary touch to rekindle the romance.
  • All white decor- The colour white is always associated with serenity and calmness and is thus analogous with a romantic set up. An all-white set up is soothing to the eye and is perfect for anniversary celebrations.
  • Sensual set up- If you are looking for a more sensual set-up for the special day opt for more vibrant colours in your bedroom. Red has always been associated as the colour of love and thus a touch of red and gold can spark that fiercely passionate spirit in you.
  • Champagne, wine, chocolates and more- There are certain food items that are considered aphrodisiacs and chocolates are certainly one of them. Place some enticing Belgian chocolates by the bed side for light nibbles. Wine and champagne go well with it and can help in creating a romantic mood.
  • Room with a view- If you are planning to celebrate with your spouse at a destination other than your own house, then opt for a room with a beautiful view. A beautiful little attached balcony or a sensual bath tub inside the room can take romance to even greater heights. This may even turn out to be a better day than your wedding day