7 Best Ways of Saying Sorry in a Relationship

Forgiveness is the finest type of love. It takes a strong one to say that they are sorry and a much stronger person to forgive. We do not apologize because we are at fault sometimes but because our precious relationship means a lot more than our ego. Saying sorry is the best medicine for all heart aches and heart breaks.

Here are 7 best ways of saying sorry in a relationship.

  • 1. Say sorry with flowers - say 'I am sorry' confidently and then explain exactly what you are sorry for. Let your partner know that you are aware of the hurt caused by your words. Hand in the beautiful flowers so the pain may almost disappear with the sweet fragrance of flowers.
  • 2. Say sorry with a gift - A small surprise gift would be the token that may help to repair the damage done to the heart. Buy a beautiful and give it to your BAE personally and say sorry, they will feel much loved and forget about the bad thing that had happened.
  • 3. Say it with an act of service - If there's a particular task that your partner wants to be done and you have been putting off since long? Now this is the perfect time to complete the same. Do the stuff as a payoff for your crime or with an expectation that it will all be forgiven. Say sorry and tell your BAE about the done work, it will all be fine and your partner will love your gesture.
  • 4. Make way through their stomach - Everybody loves food and it's said that the way to your BAE's heart his through his stomach. So this is the perfect time to cook something he loves to relish upon. Give him a surprise at the dinner table with candle lights and his favorite meal and say sorry in style, he would love it that way and you are surely going to enter his heart, because food is always the cutest way to say sorry.
  • 5. The art of letting go - the long you take to apologize the prolonged the affect of conflict, so say it quickly and intensely. Make always sure that you keep your relationship ahead of your ego and say sorry when it's required. Just ask a simple question to yourself what matters more? The idea of being right or your relationship. Then obviously you will choose your valuable relationship.
  • 6. Use sticky notes - sticky notes work really well in this occasions , write the reasons why you love your BAE and write sorry and stick it to the desk or mirror or table your BAE uses the most.
  • 7. Order customized cakes - To say sorry with a cake is the best thing to show love to your BAE. Order a cake of their favorite flavor with sorry written on it and give him a beautiful surprise when he is very busy with his work, when he will notice it, he will obviously smile and love your way of saying sorry.