Care Instructions for Terrariums

How beautiful are these little wonders called Terrariums? They are mini gardens enclosed in a glass container. They not only add elegance to your décor but are really good for the environment and purifying the air in the house. Plants for office

Terrariums need special care. This article will give you the care instructions to be followed for sealed as well as open terrariums.

Closed Terrariums Care Instructions:

  • Since closed terrariums have limited air supply, they need bright light but make sure it is not direct sunlight. Also, closed terrariums prefer less humidity.
  • The closed terrarium needs to be opened ever now then. Notice the condensation on the glass. If you can see large drops on the glass, it means there is excess moisture and the terrarium needs to be kept open for a while. A little moisture is good for the plants but not too much.
  • At times, the plant may require some fresh air. If the leaves start to rot, keep the container open for it to breathe fresh air.
  • Sealed terrariums need very less to no water. Since they are enclosed, the water does not evaporate easily, hence water your plants less. Check the pebbles, if you can see water at the bottom, means they have too much water.
  • To water your terrarium, use a syringe, small dropper or a misting spray bottle. After misting the plants, leave the terrarium open for a while so the excess water evaporates easily.
  • Although terrariums do not need fertilizers. In case if you notice your terrarium a little malnourished, you may feed it with a weak mixture of all-purpose plant food.
  • Make sure to remove dead leaves, debris, or dead plants.

Open Terrariums Care Instructions:

  • Open terrariums need bright light, and exposure to sunlight, but make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Open terrariums require less watering. Watering them on weekly or alternate week bases should be okay. Use a water dropper, or misting spray bottle and keep the water quantity between 40 to 50 ml.
  • Do not water the leaves, water the base.
  • In case if you feel that your plants are undernourished, feed your plants with a weak mixture of all-purpose plant food.
  • Open terrariums also need to be pruned occasionally. Remove any dead leaves and debris.