Creative Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2023

Author: Rima Ghosh Published: 17th Jan, 2023

Siblings are the first best friends, partners in crime, first enemies, and the first secret-keepers – all in one. They know you inside out and are perhaps the only ones apart from your parents who would never judge you. While growing up, you have noticed many similarities and many differences and all those sweet banters and crazy fights have just made your bond stronger. Raksha Bandhan, in our culture, is the day that is dedicated to this beautiful sibling or brother-sister bond. It lasts for a day but leaves memories to cherish forever. Have you ever thought that apart from the traditional Rakhi tying and gift-giving, you can do a lot more with your siblings?

Read below about some creative ideas to celebrate Rakhi festival and make 2023 a memorable year.

Visit An Orphanage:

If you have a family and relatives with whom you get the chance to celebrate all the major occasions and festivals – then you are lucky. Well, the harsh truth is everyone is not so lucky. That’s why there are orphanages or residential care homes for disabled people. This Raksha Bandhan – won’t that be an amazing experience if you and your siblings go to those places and tie Rakhi on the wrist of those kids there. You can take some candies, chocolates, cupcakes, or other gifts. You will realise that people can be so happy with so little. When you have the ability to spread happiness – you should do that.

Watch Your Favourite Childhood Movies:

In every family, every group of siblings has a set of favourite movies. Mr. India, E.T., Titanic, Mr. Natwarlal, Makdee, Harry Potter Series – count yours and watch them together this year. With time, people become busy – siblings now hardly connect that way you used to do during childhood. So, this time when you meet, make sure you put your phones on flight mode and bring out the child inside you. Enjoy these movies together and take a trip down the memory lane.

Save Time For Trek & Trip:

So, how many times have you and all your siblings been to vacation? May be in childhood during the summer break and that must be like light years ago – right? So, this time, just leave for that dream destination you have been thinking. You will explore a new location and make memories of a lifetime that will serve as stories over many coffee cups in the coming years.

Visit Your Old Village & Ancestral Home:

The old village, the pond flowing beside your house, the giant chandelier of your drawing room, the freedom in the air, the banyan tree and the sight of kids playing with the shoots – these are the sweet memories from your old days. For the sake of progress and success, you all have now, tomorrow relocated but somewhere in the hindsight that picturesque village still beckons you. Take a road trip to your old village this Raksha Bandhan and have the best time of your life.

Start A Book Club:

Reading is a hobby that polishes the mind and trains the brain. All your siblings can start a Book Club this year and promise to meet and talk about books every month or once in two months. Take turns each month for choosing a book and connect over book lovers. Talk to your friends also who are avid readers and expand your group. You all will come across many amazing books which may change your perspective towards life totally.

Make Yummy Dishes In Kitchen:

While you all are meeting this Raksha Bandhan, one of the best things to do together would be cooking. Give rest to your moms and aunties or the cook and get into the kitchen to cook together. Take verbal help from the experts and come up with something you have never done before. Raksha Bandhan means a family gathering and food plays a major role there. So, it would be an amazing experience of a lifetime if all the siblings enter the kitchen and bring out lavish dishes on the day that is meant for celebrating sibling bond.

Have Your Fashion Show:

Use your terrace or garden for hosting a fashion show of your own. Inspired by all those “LIFW” or “Couture Fashion Shows” – get into glitzy and experimental clothes and makeup. Decorate your terrace or garden with nice lights and make seating arrangements by placing mats, cushions, or chairs. One of your uncle or aunties can play the role of the MC while you all can show your creative best with colourful clothes.

Pledge To Grow More Plants:

The environment around is changing big time. This year Chennai had the worst summertime ever. The startling prediction of groundwater level is an alarm and being a responsible citizen you got to do something. So, inspire each of your siblings to grow more trees. Take a pledge this Raksha Bandhan that you all will contribute to making your city a better and greener place. Gift green plants, create your terrariums and decorate your home, and plant more trees around your house on this auspicious day.

Crazy & Memorable Photo Shoot:

One of the best Rakhi celebration ideas would be hosting a photo shoot. Contact a professional photographer or coax an uncle or friend to shoot you all in various crazy avatars. Girls can get their best makeup and dress while the guys can put on their “Swag-Wala Attitude” and get clicked. Your insta stories would be really interesting this time. Years later when your kids will look through these pictures, you will have dozens of sibling stories to share with them.