Did You Know Interesting Facts About Flowers?

Whether they are decorated in the vase on the table, taking over your garden or blooming at the side of the road flowers always give a pretty look as you look at them. These are some of the bests of nature's gifts that possess unbelievable characteristics that are unknown to the human world. Let's not keep you waiting but directly focus on some of the interesting facts about flowers.


Did you know that in the 17th-century tulip bulbs were far valuable than gold in Holland. This very flower stands for love, immorality, and life. Around 1630 tulip became so expensive that they were often treated in the form of currency.

Titan Arums

The largest is also the smelliest - Titan Arums is a huge flower that grows up to ten feet height and three feet wide produces the largest flower in the world. However, the smell would never become a household hit as it smells like rotting flesh.

Gas plant

The Gas plant is commonly known as burning gas. This plant produces strong lemon scented vapor from its flowers, green leaves and seed pods which can be ignited with a match on summer nights. The plant has been named after its gaseous activities.

Wild thistles

In the early dark ages the Scot soldiers found that the patches of wild thistles were effective enough to prevent the Viking invaders. Could you ever imagine a flower would be so useful?


Angelica originated in Europe and has been treated as a cure to some of the dangerous disease such as bubonic plague and indigestion. This very flower resembles celery in odor and thus was often used to ward off evil spirits from home. It is commonly known as wild celery. An herbal tea is made from Angelica that commits to cure hepatitis, head burn, colic, and indigestion.

Bamboo flowers

Have seen bamboo flowers? If you think bamboo as a nonflowering plant then you are mistaking. Bamboos too bloom flowers once in a few year. The flowers are of same species and bloom at exactly the same time.


You may not know but the magnificent common flower lotus has some interesting facts too. This very flower was considered as the sacred flower by the Egyptians in the earlier days, they used these flowers to funeral ceremonies. Lotus bloom in damp wetlands, the flowers lie dormant for a long period of time and become apparent again with the return of water. These made the Egyptian believe the lotus as a symbol of eternal life.