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      Carnations - Flower of the Gods

      Carnations are regarded as The Flowers of God and the association harks back to Dianthus, their scientific name which is the contribution of Theophrastus, the Greek botanist. The name is split into the Greek words dios (Zeus) and anthos (flower). Carnation flowers symbolize love & are quite popular for their captivating fragrance. They make for the perfect gifting options for wedding anniversaries and the like. Carnation blooms also last long even after being cut and they are native Eurasian flowers.

      Types of Carnations

      There are various kinds of Carnations like Red, White, Pink, Blue, Purple Carnations, etc.

      Pink Carnations

      Pink Carnations are usually symbolic of the unconditional love of mothers for their children and make for splendid gifting options on Mother’s Day. Pink Carnations are representative of pure emotions and are associated with a Christian tale where they bloomed when Virgin Mary shed tears for Jesus while he bore the cross of crucifixion.

      Red Carnations

      Red Carnations are symbolic of affection, courage, passion, love and admiration alike. Red Carnations can come in light and dark red shades. The lighter hues are indicative of admiration while the darker flowers bring out feelings of intense love, passion and affection. Dark Red Carnations can be gifted on anniversaries or even romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day for a change. The Light Red Carnations can be gifted as farewell, thank you or congratulatory gifts since they are linked to admiration.

      White Carnations

      White Carnations have symbolic associations with pure love and good luck. These flowers are ideal as wedding gifts and look grand when arranged in bouquets. These flowers are linked to loyalty as well and can be wonderful anniversary gifting options. These are ideal graduation gifts as well. These flowers are linked to happiness, innocence and courage as well.

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