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      Flowers By Month

      Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul. - Luther Burbank

      There is something quite unique about the ethereal beauty of flowers that leaves an everlasting impression on our soul. A little glance at them makes us feel that the world is full of beauty for those who can see it. Flowers have the power to express emotions and feelings, which words fail to do. That’s why they are considered the best gifting option for the major occasions of birthday, wedding, and anniversary. You will be quite surprised to know that every month has a birth flower and has its own special meaning.

      So next time you are thinking to wish a dear friend or relative with blossoms on their birthday, make sure you choose the perfect birthday flowers.

      January - Carnation

      The symbol of pure love, admiration, and affection, carnation is the birth flower for the month of January. It is available in different colors and varieties. The name of this flower is derived from the Greek word ‘corone’ that means flower of the Gods. Carnation is also a universal symbol of motherly love, which makes it the popular choice for Mother’s Day. So if your mom’s birthday is in the month of January, then you can wish her with a gorgeous bouquet of carnations.

      carnation january

      February - Violet

      Violets are the birth flowers for the month of February. Considered as the symbol of virtue, modesty, and faithfulness, violets are believed to be the flower of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. They have several medicinal and culinary properties and have a sweet fragrance that overpowers the effect of unpleasant odors around. An arrangement of sweet-smelling violets will make an excellent gift option for the loved ones born in February

      violet february

      March - Daffodil

      March is the month of spring and daffodils, the cheerful yellow blossoms are its birth flower. The symbol of optimism, kindness, warmth, and love, daffodils are also called narcissus and are named so after the character in Greek mythology who was in love with himself and drowned in a pool of water while admiring his own reflection. Because of their bright appearance, daffodils are also used for the decorative purposes.

      Daffodil March

      April - Daisy

      The daisy is the birth flower for the month of April. The flower of daisy closes at night and opens in the morning when the sun rises. These flowers are associated with innocence, modesty, curiosity, and joy and have more than 1200 particular species. Daisies are also said to represent fertility and motherhood that makes them perfect flowers for new mothers. Therefore, a bunch of pleasant daisies will make a wonderful surprise for someone born in the month of April.

      Daisy April

      May - Lily of the ValleyHolly

      The exquisite Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for the month of May. These flowers are said to represent purity, sweetness, and humility. Famous for their bell-like flowers and sweet fragrance, lily of the valley blooms for a short season from March to May. Basically available in white color, these flowers can also be found in pink and lilac that are known to be the favorite of royal brides

      Lily May

      June - Rose

      The prettiest of all, the rose is the birth flower for the month of June. Available in different colors, each shade of rose has different meanings. Famous for their classic beauty and fragrance, roses are considered the symbol of love, beauty, and honor. So if your sweetheart’s birthday comes in the month of June, wish her a joyous celebration with the heart-shaped arrangement of roses.

      Rose June

      July - Larkspur

      Larkspur is associated with good luck, laughter, and lightness which makes it the perfect birth flower for the carefree summer month of July. These flowers are available in different colors and each shade has a different meaning. In Shakespeare’s time, Larkspur was also called lark’s heel, lark’s claw, and knight’s spur.

      Larkspur July

      August - Gladiolus

      The gladiolus is the birth flower for the month of August. Available in a wide range of colors, gladiolus has more than 250 species in existence. They are considered the symbol of generosity, integrity, and strength. Characterized by pointed tips and dramatic stalks of flowers, a gorgeous bouquet of these blooms will make a wonderful gift for your August-born friend.

      Gladious August

      September - Aster

      Associated with faith, wisdom, and valour, Aster is the birth flower for the month of September. These blossoms are named so after the Greek word for ‘star’ because of their similar appearance. The mesmerizing flowers of Aster bloom all year round and look absolutely stunning in autumn, which makes them the perfect gift option for the people born in the month of September.

      Aster September

      October - Marigold

      The bright and beautiful marigold is the birth flower for the month of October. You can easily spot them in gardens oozing the spicy scent. These are one of the autumn flowers that are capable to withstand the difficult climatic conditions. They also serve various medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, and religious purposes. A bouquet of marigold will be an excellent gift choice for the passionate and creative person born in the month of October.

      Marigold October

      November - Chrysanthemum

      The mesmerizing chrysanthemum is the birth flower for the month of November. Available in a variety of colors, each shade has a different symbolic meaning. In fact, they are also known to bring good luck and joy to the home. There is a very popular myth that a single petal of this flower placed at the bottom of a glass brings forth longevity. These flowers are known to represent compassion, sensitivity, wealth, and cheerfulness, which you can gift your loved ones born in the month of November.

      Chrysanthemum November

      December - Holly

      The green leaves and red berries of the holly make them absolutely perfect birth flowers for the month of December that syncs with the Christmas spirit as well. In ancient times, Holly was seen as a symbol of fertility and a charm to keep witches and ill fortune away. An arrangement of holly will be the perfect way to wish happiness and prosperity to your loved ones born in the happy month of December.

      Make the birthday celebration of your friends and family members a memorable affair by sending them mesmerizing flowers according to their birth month. The charm of blossoms and their fragrance will certainly put a wide smile on their face.

      Holly December