How to Combat Indoor Air Pollution on Diwali?

Air pollution is automatically equated to outdoor air pollution. But it is very important to know that the air inside the house can also be polluted. It is the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials. Indoor pollution can be worse and more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution enables potential pollutants to build up more than open spaces.

How to Combat Indoor Air Pollution on Diwali?

There are several reasons for indoor air pollution like molds, tobacco smoke, pesticides, and quality of the air outside the house. It is no secret that after Diwali, outdoor air pollution increases tremendously. One may try to seek comfort at home, but the pollution level is so high that even the indoor air quality becomes poor.

Here are remedies for combating air pollution on Diwali:

Proper Ventilation:

Ensure that there is proper ventilation. Although the outdoor air quality might not be great after Diwali, it is very important to have a proper balance. Maintain a proper airflow by opening up little windows, turning on exhaust fans, turning on fans near the window, and keep the vents open.

If you can not opt-out crackers for Diwali, the least you can do is buy eco-friendly crackers, and make sure you don’t overdo them.

No Smoking Inside The House:

Although the rule should be no smoking at all, if you wish to, make sure you do it outside the house. The air quality inside the house is already very poor, and it important for the safety of those around you that you do not smoke inside.

Dusting & Cleaning Is Very Important:

Dust mites on things are a major reason for allergens. It is very important to get rid of dust in order to maintain clean air inside the house. Also, make sure to clean your floors regularly as the dust eventually settles on the floor, only to be stirred up again when someone walks on it.

Keep Plants In The House:

A very simple solution is to keep air-purifying plants in the house. There are various air purifying indoor plants available locally and online which will help you purify the air inside the house. You can opt for plants like Peace lily, Milt Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Song of India Plant, Jade Plant, and other green beauty which helps you breathe better. You will be shocked to know how fast plants help one deal with air pollution.

Prevent Pests In The House:

Insects carry all kind of airborne contaminants into a home. Make sure that you use preventive measures, which restrict pests from entering your house.

Use Air-Purifiers:

Other than plants, you can use air purifiers for immediate effects. Air purifiers not only help to remove pollutants from the air but also humid particles which create a disturbance while sleeping. They also eliminate radon gas, which is one of the reasons for lung cancer.

Herbal Tea & Other Food Items:

Herbal tea will not help one prevent air pollution but will definitely help you minimize its effect on your health. Ginger and tulsi tea can be really beneficial to minimize the effects of air pollution. Also, consumption of a diet rich in Vitamin-C will keep your immunity up and help you stay fit.

Outdoor Air Pollution Reduction:

One way of controlling indoor air pollution is to control the pollution outside the house. Here is how to fight air pollution:

  • Car Pooling- Start using car pooling for work. Lesser number of cars, means less emission of harmful gases. You can also take measures like commuting by public transport, using bicycles, and using CNG vehicles for commuting.
  • Do not burn waste material outside the house, as it is a major cause of air pollution.