How to Make Her First Mother's Day Special?

Is your wife or any other loved one gearing up to celebrate Mother's Day for the very first time? It is a special event that is worthy of a grand celebration without a doubt. This will be a commemoration of all her struggles throughout pregnancy, the pain involved in childbirth and of course, the sleepless nights she has undergone in the first year as a mother. You should strive to make this Mother's day extra special for the new mom. Here are a few ideas that are worth considering in this regard

• Mother's Day Greeting Card

Giving cards on various occasions is a tradition. Therefore, without any delay, make a handmade card by writing some sweet notes appreciating her for all the struggles she has endured and also add drawings or a sketch if you want, to make the new moms feel special.

• Initiate Mother's Day with Surprise

If you want to surprise your wife, it is a great way to show her love on mother's day is by serving her breakfast in bed. After getting limited time to sleep, when she wakes up in the morning to a delicious breakfast, it will melt her heart for sure.

• Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the New Mother

Do not take this day as an ordinary day and give her gifts which she would expect. Spice it up with special gifts for Mother's Day so that she remembers this day forever. If your wife is a book-lover, then give her a book by her favourite author. If she is a music-lover, then make a playlist of songs which she likes, and do not forget to include songs related to mother's day. Give her something which would remind her of the baby everywhere she goes, like the necklace or bracelets which are specially made for the mothers. This type of jewellery consists of the photos of both the mother and the child. You can give her a photo frame where you can put a photo of your family. You can also give her some gifts which do not cost a penny: spend some quality time with her and participate with her in the activities she could not do during her pregnancy, like snowboarding or cycling or swimming.

• Let Her Go Outside the House

With the newborn baby and the household works, the new moms hardly get any time for herself. So give her a day which she can spend on herself. A gift card of a salon would be perfect. Let her enjoy her day getting a facial, blow dry or a body massage. If it is for your wife, include a note with the gift card assuring her that you will take care of the baby. You can also hire a babysitter for the day and spend the day with your sweetie.

• Family Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer to catch the invaluable moments of your wife's first ever mother's day. Go to a park or any beautiful location and take photos with your family. Tell the photographer to take candid photos because candid photos are very valuable and of great importance to the mother. Make an album as soon as possible and give it to her as a present.

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