Surprise your Father on his Birthday

Fathers are the pillars of our strength. They might remain silent many a time but it is their motivation that keeps us going through all our struggles. It would be nice if fathers could cry and express their emotions and let out their feelings, but doing so is difficult. Our fathers subtly ingrain life lessons and get us ready to take on life with full confidence. We go about life knowing that our fathers will be there to catch us if we fall. If it’s your father's birthday, make sure that he does not miss out on a surprise! Search some beautiful flowers for Dad's birthday and give him a fresh start of the day.

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Here are the top 10 birthday gift ideas for your old man to make his day more special:

A day off for your dad: Every other day, it may be your dad who does the majority of the household chores. How about, on this day, you get your dad to relax and do everything that he does? This makes for the simplest yet most thoughtful gift.

A vacation: Your father has spent most of his time, energy and money trying to provide for you and your family. Amidst all the survivalist commotion he rarely found time to take a break and gift himself a vacation. What you can do is gift him the vacation he always deserved but could never get time for.

A sporting tournament: Arrange a small scale local one-day sporting tournament in your father's name and honour. Men share a special connection with sports and seeing an entire tournament of his favourite sport being held in his honour is sure to have him moved.

Take a cooking/music lesson together: Cooking/music is something you both aren't experts at (or maybe are, but then that is a different scenario) and taking a lesson together will help you explore a new father-kid relationship dynamic, leaving you both with new and enriching experiences.

Good old fishing: Fill up the basket with sandwiches, carry the beer crate and hit the lake with your dad for some fishing. Celebrate his birthday by indulging in this traditionally relaxing activity.

Fine dine with your dad: Simple but classy is taking your Father to a fine dining restaurant. Order his favourite dishes and pig out together on his birthday! Don't forget to plan for a delicious birthday cake for Dad which will definetly give a smile on his face.

Go to a charity event: Take your father to a decent charity event and teaming up with your dad, help as many people as you can. It will be a two birds and one stone scenario where you get to serve the under privileged and your dad gets an enriching activity on his birthday.

Give him a digital lesson: Your dad may be lost in the digital wave. Spend an entire day getting him up-to-date on social networks, gadget features and so on. An activity both thoughtful and useful.

Go bowling: Men enjoy the rush of throwing of knocking down bottles with their bare hands. Beer and bowling is a good way to keep your dad happily occupied on his birthday.

Take your father on a utility shopping spree: Listen and observe from a few weeks before your father's birthday and make a note of all the things that he needs. On his birthday, take him to shop for various utility products that he has been meaning to get his hands on. He will be surprised and delighted at the same time!
If shopping is not an option for you then, you can search some unique birthday gifts for Father online also.