Top 7 Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

No matter what the season is, mosquitoes can be found everywhere. Mosquitoes are present in all the corners of our house and to kill them, we have to use harmful chemicals. Mother nature is our true saviour, and for the mischievous insects, she blessed us with mosquito repellent plants. To guide you through the miraculousness of nature, here is a handpicked list of mosquito repellent indoor plants that you can bring to your home and bid adieu to the buzzing beings forever!

Top 7 Mosquito Repellent Indoor Plants

Lemon Balm

Famed as the Balm Mint, Lemon Balm is a herb that has a very strong smell that mosquitoes at bay. You can keep the Lemon Balm indoor plant in your living room as it is easy to maintain.


Catnip is known as Nepeta cataria and is widely used in herbal teas. It has a solid spell that repels mosquitos and other bugs. These plants are used to make medicines, and it is completely safe to keep them indoors.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is called the Silky Heads. If you ever take a whiff of the plant, you will surely be mesmerised by its fragrance. Mosquitos find this plant irritating as it has a citrus note to it and so they don’t enter the space where Lemon Grass is present. You can even add Lemon Grass in your daily tea as it enhances its taste.


Mint is a famous plant that has a myriad of uses. It is used in medicines and also as a mosquito repellent indoor plant. You can keep mint in the kitchen so that a pleasing fragrance lingers around your kitchen and it keeps the mosquitos away.


Rosemary has a woody smell that makes the mosquitoes run away. Rosemary can be easily grown inside the house. Water the plant properly and keep it in sunlight frequently. Don’t overwater the plant as it may clog its roots.


Lavender is a beautiful looking plant that attracts everyone and keeps the mosquitoes away. Though Lavender is an outdoor plant, you can still keep it inside where there is a lot of sunlight and proper airflow. Take care of the plant and witness how it takes care of the mosquitos that irritate you.


Basil is a popular anti-mosquito indoor plant. This fragrant plant is enemies for the mosquitoes, and they will never enter a place where the basil resides. Keep the Basil plant in moderate light and water it daily.

These top 7 mosquito repellent indoor plants will not only save you from the mosquitos, but they will also add aesthetic beauty to your home. Bring these ravishing indoor plants home and let them take care of the nuisance creatures called the mosquitos!