The Women Wish List for V-Day: Decoded!

If you have a girl or a woman in your life, you must be ready to go the extra mile for her. No matter what she says, she would like to know that she is cared for and you should do something to make her feel special all along the way. Not only saying, even making someone feel special would seem really wonderful. The key thing is not only buying Valentines chocolate or Valentines Day gifts, but doing the things in the right way. The thought, the feelings, and the expression would all matter and that is what every woman would want on the Valentine's Day. That is why there are a few things you should try and keep in mind.

Little Things A Women Want for Valentines Day

Keeping the following guidelines in mind would really go a long way in making your woman feel like the queen of your heart on the Valentine's Day!

know what women wants on valentines day

• Don't Just Say, Do - The best part about Valentine's Day is that every woman would want to have her beloved in action trying to do the best for her. It would not matter much how big the thing is or how much it costs, you would need to do something to show that it matters at all. The subtle and the not-so-subtle nonverbal cues and gestures are the ones that would go a long way in making your woman feel extra special. The evening walks, the kisses and even the love notes could be the best things to try out.

• Say What You Feel - But your words would matter as well. The thing is to know when to speak and when to show your emotions. You should make your subtle moves to express your love and speak out when you would like to say how happy you feel about her in the relationship and how engrossed you are in the relationship. Women are sure to over analyse on every little detail and comparing the relationship with others. She would also like to hear how much and why her and how much she would mean to you. But make it special for her on Valentine's Day and make her feel that she is the one you chose.

• Take Out Time For Her - Women love to spend some wonderful time with her guy in the relationship and that is the best time to connect with her physically and emotionally. You could be allowed to mess up every other day, but this day is supposed to be the one where you need to put aside everything else to concentrate on just what she wants. And Valentine's Day can easily be the excuse for you to take out the time and make sure that she is the one with whom you are spending the day. This is not something that is tough and it is not meant to be so.

• Make Everything About Her And Make Her Feel Special - Make sure that you put her in the centre of everything and make her feel really special. It does not need to be something great and something costly. Your time would be more important to her than the money. Spending five minutes going through the store to get something nice for her is not something that she wants. You can, however, get something that she might have been eyeing for long. You should show that you know her and that you care about her.

Along with these little things, a cute rose for Valentines Day would add a fragnance of love in your efforts.