Diwali on 7th November 2018, Wednesday

One of our biggest festival is Diwali and India would celebrate this grand festival on the upcoming 7th November 2018. It sees homecoming of so many friends and relatives. Gathering under the same roof, they celebrate the festival with sweets, firecrackers, and of course lavish gifts. Apart from India, you would also see massive Diwali festival celebration in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, Malaysia, and USA. The reason being the large number Indians staying there who has kept their roots alive in their own way. There is no difference in the celebration date of Diwali across the world.

In Indonesia, there is a particular island called Bali which sees the loudest celebration of Diwali with almost similar rituals as seen in India. But the floating lanterns are a specialty here.

In Malaysia, this festival is known as Hari Diwali. In general, Diwali starts with the ritual of bathing in oil before dawn, followed by prayers in temples. There is a ban on firecrackers in Malaysia but one doesn't miss that as the streets and households are exquisitely lit up with lights and lamps. And Diwali is a public holiday in Malaysia. Fiji is another place where you get to see lots of glamor and grandeur for Diwali. People dress up in their newest dresses and jewelries and exchange gifts and sweets. Many schools and universities keep a Diwali party.

In our neighboring country Nepal, Tihar is the name given to this festival. It is celebrated to honor Goddess Lakshmi who is believed to look after wealth sector. Just like India, here also, Diwali is a 5 day long festival. Interestingly, on the first day, cows are fed and prayed while the second day is dedicated to dogs. On the third day, lanterns, lamps, lights, and diyas are lit up to remind the great victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and his return to Ayodha. The fourth day is for the Yama, the lord of death and the last day is named Bhai Dooj which is a festival of bond between a brother and sister much like the Raksha Bandhan.

In the Republic of Guyana in South America, Diwali is a national holiday and the celebration started here from the 1980's. All the normal rituals and traditions of Diwali festival are followed here.

We all know the presence of Sri Lanka in the tale of the Ramayana. In Sri Lanka, this is perhaps the most widely celebrated festival due to the presence of Hindu Tamilians there. Fireworks, lights, sweets, gifts, etc. are enjoyed among friends and families.

Mauritius is famously known as a little India outside India as 50% of the population there are Indians. SO, it is really a big day of celebration for those people out there which spent in much fanfare.

Dates of Diwali for Next 5 Years

2018  7th November  Wednesday
2019  27th October  Sunday
2020 14th November  Saturday 
2021 4th November   Thrusday
2022  24th October Monday