10 Best Ramadan Gift Ideas to Make Your Employees/Clients Happy

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting in the Islam religion. During the entire month, Muslims from across the world fast and refrain themselves from indulging in sort of activities that may become an obstacle between them and God. They fast from dawn to dusk throughout the Ramadan month and pray to God for the well-being and prosperity of their loved ones..

This year the month of Ramadan will start on 5th May and end on 4th June. Gift giving is one of the major traditions of this occasion to convey love and wishes for friends and family. Offering corporate gifts to employees and clients on Ramadan has become quite popular. Companies offer unique and useful gifts on Ramadan to appreciate employees and show how much their association is valued.

Here are some top Ramadan corporate gifts ideas that companies can offer their clients and employees to make them happy.

Dry Fruits Box

After the entire day of fasting, the rich and tasty dry fruits will provide essential nutrients to your employees and client’s bodies, such as vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Loaded with health benefits, dry fruits will also boost their immunity.

Gourmet Date Box

Dates are widely eaten by people during Ramadan. They are an excellent source of sugar, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and carbohydrates that help maintain health during fasting. A gourmet date box will make an excellent Ramadan treat for all your employees and corporate contacts. It will keep them strong and healthy during the tough month of fasting.

Illuminating Candles

Gifting illuminating candles as Ramadan corporate gifts will lighten up the life of your employees and clients with positivity and happiness. The gorgeous illuminating candles will also brighten up their space and make it look more calm and peaceful.

Chocolate Hamper

Chocolates are the most relished sweet treats for any occasion. Extend Ramadan wishes to your esteemed clients and employees with chocolate hampers loaded with assorted, branded, and handmade chocolates. These yummy treats will surely add more fun and flavor to their Ramadan celebration.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Make this Ramadan more special for your corporate contacts with personalised coffee mugs. They’ll be excited to have mugs with their name that will make every coffee session in the office more fun and exciting.

Framed Islamic Artwork

If you are in search of a traditional Ramadan gift for your office contacts, then framed Islamic artwork is the best choice. A framed artwork with an Islamic phrase like ‘Allahu Akbar’ is something they can place on their work desk to give it a unique look. It will keep them spiritually connected to God and remind them that he is greater than all the joys and sorrows of the world.

Fancy Pen Drives

Quite a useful gift that will come handy for employees in the office to store and transfer important data. Pen drives are quite compact in size that can be carried anywhere easily. Nowadays, they are also available in attractive shapes and sizes that can be easily ordered online.

Metal Sippers

Help your employees and clients stay hydrated by gifting metal sippers. It will make an excellent Ramadan gift that they can carry with them everywhere so that they never run out of fresh drinking water.

Smart Desk Organizer

One of the most useful office accessories anyone can afford. Offering a smart desk organizer to your office contacts will help them keep their stuff organized in one place. Anything they need, be it pen, marker, USB, pins, clips, or sticky notes, everything will be just an arm away.

Daily Planner

Daily planners are quite time-saving that help keep track of daily plans, meetings, and activities. It will make an extremely useful gift for your employees and clients to plan and remember their daily schedule in a creative way.

Ramadan is the best season to show appreciation and gratitude towards your employees and other corporate contacts. Use this occasion as an opportunity to strengthen your business relationships with them with unique and useful corporate gifts.

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