10 DIY Creative Ideas to Reuse Vases

Flowers are extremely beautiful & breathtaking, but they aren’t the only things vases can hold. If you’re someone who loves to decorate their house, then don’t toss those empty vases in the dustbin after the flowers have withered away. There are plenty of creative and useful ways to reuse them. In this blog, we will discuss ten DIY ideas to reuse vases and give them a new purpose in your home.

Create a Terrarium

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Terrariums are a beautiful way to bring some greenery into your home. Fill a vase with soil, small rocks and succulents or other small plants to create your own mini garden. Terrariums are easy to maintain and add a touch of nature to your space.

Make a Candle Holder

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Transform your vase into a beautiful candle holder. You can use any type of candle, but taper candles or tea lights work best. Fill the vase with pebbles or sand to keep the candle in place and add charm. You can also add some colour by painting the vase or wrapping it with coloured string.

Turn it into a Fishbowl

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If you have a small vase, why not turn it into a fishbowl? It’s a unique and beautiful way to house your pet fish. Just make sure the vase is big enough for the fish to swim comfortably and add some rocks and plants to build a cosy home for your little buddy.

Create a Bird Feeder

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Bird watching can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. You can reuse your vase (the basket one) by turning it into a bird feeder. Fill the vase with birdseed and attach a string or chain to hang it outside. You can also paint the vase or decorate it with stickers or decals to attract more birds.

Turn it into a Pencil Holder

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Need a place to store your stationery essentials? A vase can make a great stationery holder. Stock it up with pens, pencils, markers and other writing tools/accessories for easy access. You can even decorate the vase with paint or stickers to make it more personalised.

Create a Vase Lamp

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If you have a large vase, you can turn it into a lamp. Purchase a lamp kit and drill a hole in the bottom of the vase to fit the kit. Add a lampshade, a lightbulb and voila, you have an affordable unique and functional lamp.

Give Way to Those Extra Pieces of Yarn

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Regardless of your skill level in knitting or crocheting, it’s essential to have a convenient method for storing your excess yarn. A useful solution is to place the yarn balls inside a vase alongside your preferred pair of needles. This way, all your necessary materials for your next designer piece are in one place, making it easy for you to start your work with ease.

Create a Candy Jar

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Another ideas to reuse vases is to fill it with your favourite candy and turn it into a candy jar. You can also use it to store other snacks like nuts or dried fruit. The candy jar will not only add some colour to your space but also provide a sweet treat for you and your guests.

Store Bathroom Essentials

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If you have a larger vase, use it to store bathroom essentials. Organise your bathroom counter by keeping essential toiletry items like cotton balls, swabs, cleansers, serums or anything you want in a vase for easy access.

Convert it into a Makeshift Herb Garden

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We all are victims of fresh herbs wilting and drying out quickly. A useful chef hack to keep them fresh is to place them in a container filled with water on your kitchen countertop. This way, they can drink up the water and stay fresh for a longer period. Keep the container close to make it easier for you to add fresh leaves to your dishes while cooking. Truly a unique and eye-catching display!

In conclusion, vases are not just for holding flowers. With these ten DIY creative ideas to reuse vases, you can turn your vase into a masterpiece and also use them as a gift for flower lovers. So next time you have a vase that’s no longer holding flowers, think twice before throwing it away. Instead, give it a new purpose and let your creativity shine.

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