10 Intangible Gift Ideas For Memorable Experiences

Gifts bring joy into the life of your loved ones. The excitement of holding them in hand and unwrapping their glittering packaging is quite a thrilling experience that always brings a smile on their face.

But have you ever thought about gifting experience to dear ones rather than a material object? Yes, we are talking about the intangible gifts! Something that you can offer your loved ones for long-lasting happiness.

Here are 10 intangible gifts you can offer your friends and family members on festivals and other major occasions.

Music Concert Ticket

A brilliant idea to offer an unforgettable musical experience to your music-loving friends and loved ones. Yes, music concert tickets of their favorite band! An amazing experience that will let them have the time of their life and stay with them forever.

A Day at a Spa

If you are in search of intangible gift ideas for women, then a relaxing day at the spa is the best option. Be it your mom, wife, or sister, they all would enjoy getting massages, facials, and body treatments that will help them relax and rejuvenate.

Surprise Trip

A surprise trip to an exotic location will let you spend quality time with your partner and bring newness to your relationship. Amidst nature’s beauty, you’ll get a chance to explore more about your partner that will further strengthen your relationship.

Wine Tasting

Got a wine-lover friend or partner? Make them happy by taking for a wine tasting event in the city. So that you two can bond well over wine tasting sessions and create wonderful memories to cherish in life.

Movie under the Stars

Well, technically it’s watching your favourite stars on-screen under the stars. A perfect romantic setting when you are curled up in your partner’s embrace and having a great time under the wide-open sky. You can make the setting even more romantic and cozy by adding set of bright and colorful helium balloon bouquet. You can even tie small notes and messages with the floating balloons to make it more lovely and adorable gesture. You would never want this romantic moment to get over and the memories of it will always stay fresh in your mind.

Hike in the Mountains

You can do this activity with your parents or kids. Hiking mountains is a wonderful way to spend time together while appreciating the beauty of nature. It will be both enjoyable and healthy.


A perfect gifting experience for an adventurous person in your life. Flying high in the sky and witnessing the beauty on Earth will give them an adrenaline rush that will satisfy their adventure-seeking soul.

Visit an Amusement Park

It can be a wonderful experience for both kids and adults. Because no matter how old we get, there is a hidden child in all of us that wants to come out every now and then. A visit to an amusement park will leave your loved ones spellbound and get them excitedly moving from one ride to another.

Day Trip in Houseboat

Do you want to offer a calm and serene experience to your friends or family away from the hustle bustle of the city? A day trip on a houseboat in the backwaters is a dream that you can offer on their special occasion. Enjoying the entire day in a fancy houseboat while relishing the delicious cuisines will be a mesmerizing experience altogether.

Subscription of Hobby Classes

We all aspire to learn something new in life or pursue a hobby. Whether your mom wants to join baking classes or your significant other wants to learn salsa, you can enroll them in their respective hobby classes and help their dreams come true.

These amazing intangible gift ideas will make your dear one’s special occasions more fun that they won’t forget ever.

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