10 Perfect Gifts To Give Your Host At An Iftar Party

If you have been invited to an Iftar party, then it is your responsibility to bring gifts for your host who has worked really hard to arrange a delicious meal for you. The gift has to be unique and thoughtful that convey your gratitude in the best way.

Well, we know gift search haunts you with the pressure of choosing the perfect gift for your host and consumes a lot of your precious time. That’s why we bring to you some amazing gift ideas for Ramadan Iftar party that your host will truly love and appreciate.

Homemade Goodies

Everyone likes homemade treats enriched with essential nutrients. Bringing a homemade dish or dessert for your host at the Iftar party will save them from spending much time in the kitchen and allow them to spend some quality time with you.


Flowers look pretty, smell great, and fill every place with calm and positive vibes. Also, nothing says Thank You better than a mesmerizing arrangement of fresh flowers that will definitely bring a sweet smile on your host’s face.

Set of Abaya and Hijab

Abaya and hijab make perfect gifts for the season of Ramadan. And as modest clothing is encouraged during this holy month, a beautiful set of abaya and hijab would make an excellent gift for your hostess during the Iftar party.

Chocolate Dipped Dry Fruits

The crunchy and nutritious dry fruits dipped in yummy chocolate will be a perfect reward for your host every time they break their fast. It will relish their taste buds and keep their body strong during the rigorous month of fasting.

Islamic Wall Art

The holy Islamic wall art will enhance the décor of their house and give it a spiritual touch. Available in a variety of shapes and designs, an elegant piece of art will make a perfect gift for your host if they have recently moved into a new house.

Prayer Gift Set

The month of Ramadan is all about fasting and praying to God for everyone’s wellbeing and prosperity. A prayer gift set including prayer mat, beads, and prayer dress will make an ideal gift for your host that will enhance their praying experience during the month of Ramadan.

Spa Hamper

Your host put a lot of efforts to arrange an amazing Iftar party where you had a great time with all your loved ones. Express your gratitude with a spa hamper and allow them to pamper themselves with exotic bath and body products after a tiring day.

Hand-painted Mason Jars

The attractive hand-painted mason jars will make wonderful additions to their home décor. These jars can also be used as a candle holder or keep stationery items organized at one place.


A refreshing, pleasant fragrance will make an absolutely perfect gift for your host that will keep them smelling fresh all day long. A perfume will always remind them of you and will always keep you close to them in their vivid memories.

Scented Candles

The scented candles will fill the home of your host with a rich scent. The soothing aroma will create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere throughout the space and lift up everyone’s mood in a great way.

Your host would totally fall in love with these amazing gifts for which he/she will be eternally grateful to you.

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