12 Amazing Facts to Learn About Money Plants

As per popular belief, a Money Plant is a money-making machine! By placing a money plant at home, one can gain financial prosperity. But some sect also says that this plant has to be robbed from someone’s place to bring that great financial luck to the self. The other name of this plant is Devil’s Ivy. In many households this plant is found – some keep it for that “good luck” factor while some simply want a low-maintenance house plant that would keep the air clean and some other people use it to magnify the great looks of the home. In all the ways, this plant is much loved and adored. But apart from these facts, there is a dozen of interesting facts to know about this plant.

So, read these interesting and amazing facts about a Money Plant and enjoy its company at your place!

  1. This Money Plant demands an adequate amount of water in its initial days. So, when you have got a fresh new Money Plant – don’t forget to water it well but again it should not be fully soaked in water.
  2. You have to decide where you want to grow this plant, i.e, in soil or in water. It has no problem in sustaining both in soil or water but don’t make the mistake of replacing it from soil to water and vice-versa. The Money Plants growing in water would have softer leaves as compared to the ones growing in soil.
  3. In comparison to other household or indoor plants, the longevity or survival rate of a Money Plant is high. Another fun fact about this plant is that it cleanses the home environment by removing toxins but sometimes also behave like weeds!
  4. Remember that the sap of this plant is extremely poisonous if consumed by mistake!
  5. As told earlier, this plant can sustain well in water and thus you can use this plant to beautify your aquarium. The roots would extend up to the bottom and it would partly float in your aquarium which would make your fish house look really endearing. Additionally, it would also purify the air and water and provide some necessary nutrients to the fishes.
  6. This plant doesn’t require direct sun rays and thus the shady areas can also be lit up with the presence of a money plant.
  7. The wild Money Plants generally grows up to 50-60 feet tall – thus they can be called a Monet Tree. But when you grow it in a pot in your home, it would reach 10-15 feet only. So, the environment makes all the difference!
  8. Every branch of a Money Plants consists of 5 leaves that grow for 12 inches. These leaves are green in color and shiny in appearance.
  9. The 5 leaves of Money Plants in each branch represents the five elements of Nature. They are – Fire, Air, Water, Metal, and Wood. These five elements together attract lots of positive energies to the owner. That’s how it multiplies the good luck and prosperity.
  10. If you thought that this plant is all about green and shiny leaves that showers immense financial luck, then you should know that this plant also has flowers. The white and creamy flowers have a strong fragrance that charms bats, bees, and butterflies.
  11. Do you know that there are hidden seeds in a Money Plant? The pods are the places where they are hidden. These pods ultimately enlarge and bursts and then falls on the ground.
  12. These seeds are sometimes grounded and used in baking dishes. In some culture, the seeds of a Money Plant are roasted and consumed as a snack too!

Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting, unknown, and amazing facts about a Money Plant. In case you know some other unknown fact about this plant, feel free to write to us!

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