5 Delicious Diabetic Friendly Cakes

Have you got a sweet tooth? But what about diabetes? A matter of concern, isn’t it? Well, as a matter of fact, diabetics have to be mindful when consuming anything sweet. It can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. But this doesn’t mean that sweets and cakes are off-limits! If you switch to healthy alternatives, you can always enjoy little sweet treats. Today, there are low carb cakes and desserts that do not increase the level of blood sugar and therefore, you no longer have to miss out on the joys of relishing cakes. Here, we have put together five delicious diabetic friendly cakes that a diabetic patient can enjoy without much concern. Sweet! Read ahead to know more!

Gluten & Flour Free Cake

Gluten and flour free cake

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The gluten-free cake is a feast for diabetics. It will not only satiate their sugar cravings but will leave an explosion of flavours in their mouth. More so, this cake will provide the same level of satisfaction as your regular cake. Since this cake doesn’t contain any flour, a diabetic can enjoy it without worrying about sugar intake. Though this cake is pretty easy to bake at home, you can buy a sugar-free cake in Dubai anytime from the online stores.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake

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If you are looking for a diabetic friendly cake that is healthy, delicious and contains the goodness of veggies, carrot cake is something you should try. Carrot cake takes care of the health-conscious watching their fat and sugar intake due to its high moisture content. It is high in fibre, rich in protein, cuts down on sugar, adds nutritious ingredients and is sure to calm your sugar urges. If you are unable to whip this one at home, there are many online bakeries that let you order this (and many other) cakes in Dubai.

Protein Mug Cake

Protein mug cake

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A protein mug cake is the sweetest and the healthiest cake a diabetic can enjoy! This super satisfying and super moist cake makes a perfect snack, breakfast and healthy dessert. Besides, it takes hardly a minute to prepare a protein mug cake. Therefore, a diabetic can enjoy this gluten-free, low carb and dairy-free cake anytime and get a guilt-free sweet tooth fix.

Vegan Walnut-Low-Carb Cake

Walnut Low Carb Cake

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Definitely a crowd-pleaser! Satiate the taste buds of the diabetic person with this lip-smacking low carb cake. Walnuts are rich in healthy fats and have the highest concentration of antioxidants. What’s more is that consuming walnuts improves brain health and cuts the risk of heart disease. Therefore, incorporating them into a low carb cake will be a win-win situation.

Mixed Fruit Cake

A Diabetic Friendly Fruit Cakes

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The last one on our list of diabetic friendly cakes is a mixed fruit cake. The cake contains the goodness and richness of various fruits that are healthy and super nutritious. Since this cake is made up of so many fruits, it will be both fulfilling and nutritious. A diabetic can enjoy this healthy-ish cake without any compromises.

Cakes are important for every celebration and occasion. And nobody should be deprived of the pleasure that is cake! Have you tried these diabetic friendly cakes yet? If not, get going already! Bake these delicious alternatives and satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing flavour. You can even order one of these from the best cake shop in Abu Dhabi or Dubai with just a tap on your phone. Bon appétit!

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