6 Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas


Are you the one who loves to decorate your home aesthetically? But feels restricted because of the fear of the pinch in the pocket? Well, you no longer need to dread or hold yourself back because of money. Even if you’re pinching pennies, you can still style and completely change the look of your home. All it takes is a little creativity and a little bit of time. In this writing piece, we have amassed awesome budget-friendly home decor ideas you can give a shot without having to cut corners and yet, make a HUGE impact!

Repainting can Make a Great Impact


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Painting the walls on your own is among the most cost-effective ways to decorate the home. Change the look and feel of your favourite room (or entire home) with a simple paint job. Fresh paint breathes a new life to any space. Chances are you might have some leftover paint cans. If not, just buy the paint, roll up your sleeves and apply fancy strokes.

You can also add a stencilled pattern and transform your space inexpensively and fabulously. Even just a single wall, stencilled with designs, will give a cool upgrade.

Turn it Magical with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights

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Fairy lights are not just limited to festivals and occasions. When used the right way, they can amp up the space gracefully and beautifully. Grab a few fairy lights and add a magical charm to any space. From table centrepieces to bookshelves and from wall to mirror or even decorating outdoors – you can wrap the string lights anywhere and illuminate the area. Also, the market is filled with fairy lights in different shapes such as moon, stars, flowers, butterflies and more. Choose the one you enjoy looking at the most.

Go Green with Some Plants & Flowers

Go green with Budget Friendly Home Decor Ideas

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Decorating with indoor plants and flowers is always a fruitful budget-friendly home decor idea. They can liven up a space in an instant. Take a quick trip to the local or online nursery to yield some green babies. Experiment with hanging vines, transform an unused or empty cart into a plant stand, and you can also try terrariums. You can also try faux plants that are available at a low price and make a chic décor. Also, here are some ways you can improve your home decor with DIY flower art ideas. Take a look!

Rearrange your Furniture

Rearrange your furniture

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It’s as simple as it sounds! Most of the time, we are just bored of seeing the same furniture layout, all day and night. Therefore, rearranging the furniture can do wonders, without you having to spend even a single penny. Switch places of your chairs, tables and accessories. Think outside the box, and with just a few tweaks and edits, you will fall in love with your space all again.

New Pillows for your Couch and Chairs

New pillows for your couch

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Give your ordinary chair or couch a new life with a new pillow or cushions. A nice, patterned pillow will just do the trick. If you just got the pillows, get a set of covers. Replacing the covers is an easier and cheaper process.

Build Artwork with Whatever you Own

Budget Friendly Home Decor Idea - ArtWORK

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Look around and collect everything you hardly use. Throw away the things you won’t use even the slightest. Then, pick up the knick-knacks and let your imagination run riot. You can use the unused plates as chic wall décor. Or the empty bottles as a container for your plants. You may also add string lights and let them hang loose. This idea is free and will also de-clutter your space like no other.

We hope you will like these easy and actionable budget-friendly home decor ideas, and use them to make changes to your space! The key here is to play smart, not hard. Lastly, if you have any other zero to low-cost home decorating tips, we would love to know about them in the comment section below.

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