5 Most Unique and Meaningful Farewell Gift Ideas For Colleagues

Saying Au Revoir to a colleague-cum-best friend can be really hard. Even the mere thought of not being able to see them every day, take tea breaks or hang out when you feel overwhelmed with work, weighs heavy on the heart. But since you have developed a close relationship with the person, sending them off without a nice farewell gift will only leave you with regret. Well, between all these mixed feelings, finding the right going away presents can be a bit challenging. Therefore, we have curated a list of the most meaningful farewell gift ideas they are sure to appreciate. So, scroll down and pick the one that will resonate the best with them.

Desk Organiser

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What can be a nicer farewell gift for a colleague than something that adds a dash of systematisation, quirkiness and utility, right? A truly creative gift – a desk organiser will spruce their workstation and remind them of you forever. It will help to keep things organised and tidy and keep a tab on the important stuff – a cure for all messy desk woes right! Choose a minimalist and sleek design and watch them beam with a smile.

A Box of Postcards

Farewell Gift Idea - Box of Postcards

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Cards are undoubtedly a wonderful way to express your feelings. They even make a thoughtful present that will be an instant day-maker. So, gift a heartwarming nostalgia with a box of postcards, scribbled with emotional, funny, inspiring and quirky messages. Since your colleague is progressing ahead in their career, the gift will work as a timeless keepsake that will motivate as well as make them remember all the good times.

Personalised Bobblehead Figurine

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A personalised bobblehead figurine is among memorable corporate gift items. It is a tiny figurine that features a large head mounted on a spring. Whenever you tap at it, it swings left and right.

Standing tall and wobbly, this gift is sure to leave your colleague in splits and remember you every time they look at it. This gift even doubles as a quirky addition to their desk and spice up their workstation.

A Doodle Artwork

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Nothing trumps the joy of something personal and handmade. Turn your gift into a work of art by presenting your colleague with a doodle artwork. A doodle art will freeze all your favourite memories with him/her in a single frame. It will make a unique gift for it will capture the favourite memory of you two in a way they will love and adore. Also, while doodling, don’t forget to define the nature of the person.

Quartz Crystal Wish Tree

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A quartz crystal works like a powerful magnet to attract positive energy and good luck. Gift your colleague this symbol of positivity, happiness and serenity with a wish tree made up of this gemstone. It will usher in all the good luck they would need as they are about to embark on a new journey. This gift will also be an ethereal addition to one’s shelf, table or desk space.

So, these were some of the farewell gift ideas that will give them something to remember you by and commemorate your time together. They make perfect gifts when you want to congratulate your loved ones on their achievements. Also, you can buy these and many more gifts such as a personalised farewell cake, desk plant and gift hampers from online gifting portals too.

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