The Guide to the Perfect Gift for a Taurus Friend


Looking for a nice gift for a Taurus mate, BFF or family member but struggling to find one? Well, don’t feel Taur-ned apart for you have landed at the right place!

Born between April 21 and May 21, Taureans are diligent, reliable, down-to-earth, ambitious and the most headstrong people you will ever meet. With a liking for everything that shouts beauty and luxury, the Taurus zodiac sign is a balanced mix of stubbornness and intelligence with exceptionally particular preferences. Given this trait, it seems that Tauruses can be tricky to shop for. That is why, we, your favourite gift geniuses, have come up with a terrific Taurus gift guide to impress even the pickiest Bulls. So, without any further ado, treat your fave Taureans with these fabulous gifts and watch them say, ‘Woohoo’.

Rose Quartz Wish Tree

Rose Quartz, Quartz, Bullet, Decoration

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Taurus people are die-hard romantics and value their relationships very much. They wear their heart on their sleeves and strive to keep their partners happy. Since Rose Quartz is the gemstone of universal love & peace and is said to restore trust & harmony in a relationship, a Rose Quartz Wish Tree will make a memorable gift.

Perfume Gift Set

Perfume, Bottle, Glass, Cosmetics

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As mentioned before, Taureans enjoy things that smell rich and fab. When it comes to scents and fragrances, they appreciate aesthetics. Since they are very close to the Earth, go for a perfume gift set with rich, woody scents with base notes of amber, cedarwood or sandalwood.

Seasonal Flowers

Mother's Day, Flower, Mom, Love, Natural

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Impress the Taurus you love and adore with a ravishing bouquet of poppies or roses. These two are known to be the birth flowers for a Taurus. Besides, that strong affinity for things of the earth and nature makes flowers a great choice for your Taurus friend.

Chocolate Hamper

Chocolate, Christmas

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Taureans are indeed bull-headed and strong-headed but deep down, soft-hearted and compassionate with a likeness for sweet treats just like everyone else. Gift them a chocolate bouquet, hamper or basket filled with an assortment of different chocolates to make them smile. You may even pair this treat with a cake and personalised gifts.

Hanging Planters

Hanging Plant, Leaves, Planter, Green

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Taurus is an Earth sign that is represented by a bull. Taureans are known to be the most grounded people. More so, having an earth sign means these people will be drawn towards anything that is earth. On that note, hanging planters will make a great gift for them. Trust us – this eco-friendly and sustainable gift idea will be more than appreciated.

Coffee Maker

Mug, Cup, Blur, Coffee, Maker

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As Taureans enjoy living in the lap of luxury, nothing will shout luxury and comfort than an instant coffee maker. They would love waking up to a steaming mug of coffee. Also, with a coffeemaker, they could prepare their favourite café-style coffee at home in no time.

Leather Handbag

Leather Craft, Handbags, Hobby, Classic

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Since they are all about premium-ness and self-indulgence, if you have a special Taurean female in your life, surprise her with a fashionable leather handbag that she would love to show off. Today there are various online stores that offer an incredible collection of eye-catching types of handbags you can order from any part of the world.

Now that your list of gifts is sorted, go out and impress the Taurean in your life. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this terrific Taurus gift guide for future reference!

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